Level 100 players on low BR

As anyone is free to decide what he wants to play, so stop telling others what and how they should play this game. You’re part of the reason why this game is getting worse by the year.

Now before putting you into ignore list cause I get bored of your long posts, I was replying to the OP of this thread, therefore I mentioned his “brother”, but you felt the need to reply to me about something that had nothing to do with what I just said. Even if I was wrong about it cause it got changed without warning. Don’t bother reply this, you will just be wasting your time as I just wasted mine writing this.

I started ~ 130/140 days ago with tanks and after a few arcade battles I went straight into realistic. And from that moment on I never got the feeling I was playing against bots. But I think you refer to planes or?

Lmao - you remind me at Baghdad Bob - telling fairy tales because being trapped in an in an alternate reality.

As long as you post nonsense like

without being able to prove this in any post within this thread you are just acting like a child…nobody is perfect, and missing some changes within the game is not the end of the world, but such nonsense claims are just plain stupid, especially when i posted:

Idc about your blocking or your troubles with reading comprehension…

To come back to topic … I started my journey with the swedish tree and came upon the Spj fm/43-44 … kinda OP in experienced hands … feels almost like trolling.

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Honestly I don’t know how it works now cause it may have been changed by Gaijin, it used to work like I’ve mentioned, you would play in beginner’s pool until you either reach a rank 3 or a 3.0BR vehicle, like it was said on those threads I’ve linked from the old forum by players that are also here on this thread like Dodo_Dud, he knows how it worked then, seems it got changed more recently(a year or so).
I’m level 100 from planes, moved to tanks as a level 100 already, I very rarely play rank I or II tanks, mostly to spade them cause it’s not what I most enjoy but I cannot accept others telling me I shouldn’t be playing the tanks I own, tanks that I grinded, tanks that I bought or tanks that I won in WT events or tournaments just cause they consider it seal clubbing.


They changed the newbie rules several times, as some people used to purposely avoid leaving that newbie pool.
There is a seperate combat mode (newbie battles), which you find on the replay server. You can’t enter this mode on purpose, but you sometimes ended up in it, even with jets. There are newbs in jets, so that makes sense too.
If anyone is interested, look at these battles and see what happens in there.

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I think this changed more than a year ago…now it is a much much shorter number of battles…players will be moved into normal gameplay before they even understand they were in a begginers pool :)

I play low BR tanks sometimes…when i feel like it, when i am playing a nation where i dont have better, when i find some old vehicle that i never spaded and i feel like doing it…

I admit the opponents are not as good as at higher BRs…but this is like saying water is wet…obvious.
I dont feel like seal clubbing as i am a bad player anyway…i get higher in rank, but not usually number 1. There are several good players around…and some not so good. SEAL CLUBBING is rare…period. There are good, bad and so so players on both teams…games are fun as tanks are slower and less well armed…i cant even understand if the issue on this topic is real or just philosophic…


sadly the highest the BR more pathetic the game becomes, plus lot of … magical players with their fast grind premiums of course

It depends what you consider to be “seal clubbing”. In many of my matches I see one team completely seal clubbing the other and I’m not speaking of the lower BRs.
This is not an easy game for new players and it never was, but I also think that is what this game has best to offer, a challenge to improve yourself in it.

I agree completely. Rank III and IV is were I have the most fun.


When I started War Thunder I had no idea what I was doing. I played USSR and Germany, then I got into France because of the AMD.35 - I wanted to rush to the capture point on Ash River :-) I enjoyed the light tanks from the very start. Progress is slow but I think Rank I and II vehicles can be unlocked without premium very easily. I was always getting new stuff, which kept me playing, even when people were spawn camping me and sniping me before I could aim and fire back.

There are lots of bad players at Rank IV so even with 200 ping I don’t feel intimidated. I like being the weird person who plays spaa and catches out those CAS players who just assume easy kills. The Skink is hilarious because planes have trouble damaging it. There’s lots to experiment with at Rank IV and the vehicles are fairly powerful even without filters, transmission or engine upgrades.


lvl 100 must be according to the skill

I’ve encountered this a lot and it’s frustrating. To be sure, some highly experienced and proficient player (level 100 or not) play lower BR for a relaxed game play and to genuinely have fun. Some even are positive and helpful in mentoring newer players. But I’ve encountered quite a few who do so maliciously and vindictively as some kind of sick ego boost. I’ve messaged a few to call them out and they straight up admit it - that they enjoy being a bully and making those at a lower skill level squirm. You see them racking up 20+ kills and it’s not just frustrating for those trying to learn, it’s downright abusive.
I don’t think higher levels should be banned but I do think there should be better mechanisms for preventing this level of abuse - if nothing else it turns people off and discourages team work.

It is amazing to think we all come through those levels as complete beginners. I wonder how I even stuck at the game. It can be a struggle to survive even now at level 100 in higher BR.I wonder what the newbies make of the fog now, even harder to see.


I played a match today where a level 100 player was last on the team. This was only BR 2.7 - 3.7

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Last game I played the down tier was kicking ass so it made no difference.4 kills to everybody else’s zero after three minutes.How do you even find a cheat on this game when the down tier is seal clubbing so hard? If the down tier is getting 25 kills at 2-3 BR what is the cheat hoping to gain from cheating?

I saw a P40 get 17 kills 0 deaths in a rank 2.7 match where he was obviously fighting weaker players. I damaged him once with my Ta Se but he didn’t die. Honestly that’s just how the game works - it’s an unfair eco-system of prey and predators. The best you can do is get enough xp to reach the next level.


With the lack of skill based matchmaking and the probability it will never occur it is just another broken facet of the game and there are so so many, It is just a fairly random event generating, non skill based game with an endless list of faults, exploits, bots, and people using various nefarious ways to make sure they are successful.
It is a joke game and the best way to play it is to treat it as such, view gameplay as just for laughs with no seriousness or link to realism or reality in any way shape or form. It has too many flaws to take seriously or engage in any meaningful way you will just become annoyed, frustrated and gradually loathe and hate the game, jump in dick around and jump back out again it is how the company want you to play, cycle through games quickly to improve their queue times and buy everything.

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There was another thread about how many kills you ever got in a game and people were boasting of getting 30 kills ,no doubt the usual stat shamers
,now we know how they got them.