Let's talk. RP compensation for server issues

With the servers having been down we got some compensation like 3 hours of premium time but what is this worth. Even then half the matches are over by the time it lets half the people spawn. limiting how much RP we can get slowing the already painfully slow research. Per this I think that every player should get a 50,000 RP compensation for not only the spawn time, but this include the 3 hours of down time. this would not even be full compensation but 1/3. this is the least we can ask for. It feels like every other match I can’t spawn till the match is half over. This is the same for many people. I am sure that everyone if not most people will agree with this.


bro no one is deluded enough to think that 3 hours worth of any normal gameplay is worth 50k RP like I’m ‘’ < this close to flagging your post

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50 is nothing me and my friend can do that easily. and its not just 3 hours that not even the main reason. what would you flag it for? thinking people don’t grind this game?

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considering you said this is 1/3 compensation, i have reason enough to believe you are trolling. like 150k RP in 3 hours? you’re definitely begging for free RP and i don’t like to compare stats so don’t make me pull out the numbers

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I’m sorry but can you read the 3hours isn’t in 1/3 of the problem. My game time for the past week has been cut in half due to not being able to spawn half the time. your actually sent from gaijin no reasonable person would be against this.

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considering my average game usually get me around 8k rp(tech tree vehicle+premium account) for around 10min match, id say 50k rp compensation is somewhat reasonable for 3 hour downtime


you specifically mentioned compensation as in the 50k RP you are demanding.

that is not really gaijins fault. the servers were barely down for 3 hours and considering that it is not your right to earn RP, it is foolish to demand any sort of compensation for your wifi being bad. i was back up online and able to complete the whole event plus earn around 500k SL over RB and SB.

and there he goes. making the accusations.
if i was from gaijin, you would see a shield next to my name or something else.
as a matter of fact, check my squadron. that should be proof enough of what position i take with regards to gaijin.

premium acc are the minority. hence those demands cannot be enacted as blanket (indiscriminate) changes
and forgive me but those match stats being average is quite hard to believe.

Again, it’s not just the 3 hours of down time, and it not my Wi-Fi that’s making every not be able to spawn in. Edit to not make a new post for this. this has only been the case when the servers die.

it actually is around my average, atleast when i play higher tier vehicle like my 11.7 lineup, well of course not every match i get those amount especially on a bad match, but what i get in a bad match usually compensated in my really good match(usually 10+k rp/ match without any booster) and averaged to around 7-8k rp/ match

for compensation maybe use the average from last few match before the server go down for a more fair compensation? so only someone who actively play the game before server down that get the compensation

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Dont forget that the 50k rp would also be for “missing” premium rp. Not even the total.

Unless he is suggesting gaijin give out regular rp and not rp from someone losing premium.