Lets talk Entrenching

Basically, what could the snail do to make the digging in the game better.
(Anything that’s somewhat balanceable and more or less makes it worth digging/entrenching yourself.)

I’ll start it off by saying to make digging more efficient and deeper. We’ll say about as deep as a Maus or fv4005 you should dig normally with a dozer blade and half the time to make them than what we have now.

This will encourage more defensive and strategic gameplay as well as making full blown trenches that could extend from a spawn on larger maps for a fortified defense
This could also be effective for spawn defense by making foxhole’s if you ever get pushed back to the spawn.

This is countered by using either CAS or artillery as trenches/foxhole’s are stationary and hinder the movements of tanks that are in them. (Trading Mobility for frontal Defense basically)

What are your guy’s thought’s/opinions and what would you add/subtract?


Digging in is a neat idea, and could have some powerful uses, but the map design and gameplay we have just does not allow the time or space to really use it, outside of some niche cases. Its much more of a risk to try to make a defensive position than just use whats already there.

That being said, I think we would need bigger maps, and map layouts that are not just 3 objectives in a line. Staggered objectives and asymmetric layouts. Otherwise digging will need to probably be twice as fast to make it useful. I usually forget it exists and am just glad to have the digger act as extra armor on my centurion, lol.

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Entrenching is doomed to be a gimmick. If actual shot dispersion were implemented then sure you could have usefulness for being truly hull down. This will never occur though as it would slow down gameplay, and unfortunately means entrenching is worthless as breech shots are possible consistently.


Read. What. Others. Have. To. Say. Before. Writing. Down. Things. Cause we surely didn’t know that.
To put it simply think before you speak. You tend to not do that and love to report my comments.

To even implement that idea just wouldn’t be realistic. I’m not opposed to it however many wouldn’t not do it due to how much time it would require and chances are you would be a husk in game.

Please enlighten me where someone else discussed shot dispersion.

Surely this exact issue wasn’t addressed in the opening comment.

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I like it.

I like it, add a poll so people who don’t want to leave a reply can share their thoughts

How is that related to improving entrenching?.

Entrenching’s value is making the silhouette of the tank “less”. Less area to shoot = higher chance of missing. War Thunder has extremely accurate shot dispersion making precision shots not only possible but common. This means hitting the cannon breech of a tank something that normally would be very difficult IRL due to a variety of factors one of the basic ways to kill a tank in top tier.

Entrenching and lowering your silhouette still leaves this weakspot visible, which means kill shots are possible. Usually you would be aiming there anyway even if the vehicle wasn’t entrenched with the exclusion of Soviet MBTs whose LFP is a serious weakspot.

What is the point of taking the time to dig a trench if it’s not going to reduce your deaths? None. Hence “entrenching is doomed to be a gimmick” in War Thunder.

I’d like to see. I’d also like to see some WW2 vehicles that could do it. Even if it doesn’t change or get improved, I want to be able to dig in with my Sherman

Id love for entrenching to just be quicker and easier. Ive used it properly once. On the AVRE. Dug myself a nice little foxhole and then defended a flank. Got a few kills. But it just takes way too long to get a good position, and even then. You can never get quite deep enough to be properly effective. Only ever really some light cover.

Would love more dozer equipped tanks in game, like a Chally 2. But would also want it to just be overall improved. =

No mater how many improvements you add to it, it wont change fundamental problem of ground RB. Same as laughable roadmap proposal of adding building mechanic to low ammo count vehicles.

Unless Gajin add something like Ground EC mode similar to say Battlefield of Squad both will remain a meme no matter how much improvements they will make to make them valid.

Everything would be a gimmick. The guy just wants it to be easier to pile dirt piles without the hassle of going in reverse every time. The issue is it’s a physics thing. Aside from that I don’t disagree with some of the points you made but they are very flawed and rather off-topic from what he wants. It’s not gonna magically slow down how many die. No matter what you add, it won’t make a difference dumb people will do dumb things, smart people will have to carry the dumb people, and smart players can only be in 1 location at a time.

Now if you excuse me I’m gonna ignore any further messages.

I feel like the current entrenchment mechanic is good but the issue is the that current map/meta doesnt allow it to be useful.