Lets talk about the state of Germany

if that leak list is true then I wonder if germany is getting a new plane aswell because it seems that all other nations are getting a new top tier plane

It’s still too early to conclude if all these vehicles will be added, previously leaklists that have been largely accurate miss the mark sometimes like happened for last update.

there was a new leo confirmed. Would be weird if the leo isn’t added

It’s the only Leopard 2 in this list, and Smin told us we’re getting at least 1 more capable Leopard 2 before this year ends.

New Leo is confirmed for sure, just the question is whether it’s the A7V I meant

We don’t know if the list is wholly accurate, so we’ll have to wait and see

I’m guessing there will be a devblog for the German and Russian premiums on Monday

Not sure, it did read like they wanna add new premiums in batches in the coming updates like they are doing with the current premium ships

dev stream next week on thursday, then

like i said a few at a time

Some could mean that more are still coming this update

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thats possible yes, i hop not, gives me time to save money for a potential german one


Armoured leopard + 3rd Gen thermals finally!!! There are only a few updates I’ve been hard for, and this is definitely one of them :))))))

(God I hope this list is 100% this time, not ~70% like the last one)

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Don’t get too hyped. It might turn out like the Puma, i.e not functioning like its supposed to.


doesn’t the 2A7V have aps aswell?

Yeah that might be true.
But if it comes in a butchered state, I will make a strongly worded dev server thread once again (like with the PSO) :)

Unfortunately not

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oh thanks, then I confused the versions again. Hope it gets dm63 aswell with the no explosive feature

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about there being one or about there possibly not being one?