Lets talk about the state of Germany

Leopard 2 PSO never ever entered service so invalid point…

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That armour plate does protect somewhat better than the current German leopards, but not by a significant margin after testing with the strv 122

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The German TT would be a good TT if Germany received the vehicles that were used in a real implementation
But we do not!


That would be based actually
but I agree with the post


it was considered from what I know the KF41 has not been considered, and even then if we go with “germany made it so it should have it” where are all the Italian helis? ffs the swedish starter heli is an Augusta-Bell Huey the 205 if I recall but Italy does not get theirs, germany gets the R/3 where is the Italian one? see double standards get ya cornered


I would like to say openly and honestly, in recent years there have been some disappointments from a German perspective.
But what is happening in this update is a slap in the face, a real insult to the German players!
How is this supposed to go on?
Nice looking vehicles that never got beyond the experimental stage, made of mild steel!
There are enough vehicles that have been and are being used. When will we finally get these vehicles in a realistic implementation?
What are you doing to us?


Does it matter if it was considered or not? It was considered but Puma was choosen in last minute because of better armor (Which is still broken in WT, the lynx has ingame better armor then the Puma which shouldn’t be the case)

Even then,
2s38 is russian right? Yes, was it ever in service? No, still added? Yes.
Leopard 2PSO is german right? Yes, was it ever in service? No, still added? Yes.
Lynx is german right? Yes, was it ever in service? No, still added? No(atleast not forgermany)


The PSO has worse performance of its UFP armor than the STRV-122 despite being numerically identical. Test its performance against DM-33.


The Germans only get garbage, now it’s getting really ridiculous. The Germans get tanks without armor haahahh just boring


Where’s the evidence it was ever pitched to Germany let alone considered by them given the PUMA entered service a year before this was unveiled?

This is so weird. First, they don’t give it the hull armour it could historically mount but then the area that DOES have armour, doesn’t even perform the same :/


Bearing in mind Britain’s air is in a… precarious state in the current top tier meta. our choice of fast jets with any capability to engage enemy aircraft is extremely limited.
We have:
A Phantom that gets outsticked by anything it regularly faces as an 11.3, and is pretty atrocious in ACM
A Tornado that also gets outsticked, although less so, however it sacrifices even more manouevrability to do so and now this gets thrown into doubt with R-27ER/ET.

Ground is looking equally worrying:
A large amount of bugs/errors in Challenger 2 models
Disturbing lack of support vehicles (Light Tanks, Air Defence between 8.3 and 10.3, and that’s assuming the Stormer is an effective platform. Which I hear is a very hit and miss opinion)

And Gaijin’s answer is to add a worse version of a Russian vehicle which plays nothing like existing tanks in our tree which has no viable lineup because… India uses it?

Completely see what you’re saying here sir. A lack of a national coordinator (for tech trees in game) is partly to blame for this in my opinion. Gaijin should appoint/request assistance from people who are knowledgeable and have a degree of trust within the community for suggestions as to what to add, how to add it, and when to add it.


Someone needs to make a thread discussing the Leopard 2 PSO about its state /bugs etc in the DEV server forums, i am to mentaly exhausted myself to start one after the KF41 debate



I said to start a thread about the state of the Leopard PSO, i know you are to tired after the KF 41 debate as well xD, i said i am to tired to start the Leopard PSO thread myself cause of the KF41 debate


I didn’t understand you well xD

i did extend my sentence a bit, now brain turns of

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Never forget the taking of the 3 German Tanks. They even dared to touch our Maus! Sure it comes back anually, but that Gaijin took it in the first place and still gatekeeps the 3 others is unforgivable.

And how long until the next Leopard for Germany ofter PSO? Russia got something like 4 Su-25/39’s within a few Months.


And Italy getting their second Spike launcher IFV this patch after getting Freccia last patch while Israel and Germany have none


And the SA backfill just because a third party already did the work resulting in sooooo many homegrown vehicles avoided. And a tech tree vehicle sitting in the Market at over 100 GJN.

And yes to air, slowly unlocking them all but most of the way through tier V with nothing at all to make you think you are working towards anything useful.