Lets talk about the state of Germany

finally PMC 287 will get fixed good job guys

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All it took was a good source. Was surprised no one acted on reporting using the new source when I got around to viewing Sausage’s post.

I DM’s Smin with it hours before you made your report (because I was also including information on velocity loss lmao), maybe humble yourself mate.


dont worry i know it was from you its funny though when people come in after seeing something and making a report with that while People like you have extra Info

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Glad we’re all on the same side.
Though I’m unaware of anyone that needs humbling since we’re all rather disassociated with needing credit.

Thankfully that hasn’t happened here.

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some people just try to look good but hurt the report process with it same happened with M735 because one person didnt understand the stuff writin on it and now we have M735 in its first Prototype stage instead of the Service version


Btw any chance that FlaRakRad would ever receive proper gearbox not the non existent 5 speed which it has right now in the game and vertical scan mode for the tracking radar ?

Yeah, it’s sad what happened with M735.
If I or anyone else was there to help the person understand that wouldn’t have happened.

its ridiculous that it’s still an issue and hasn’t been fixed yet.

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Velocity and 0,5mm diameter difference apparently

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I just saw the new leak list from R&R… just imagine Sweden geting one more version of the better armored leopard (Leo2A5DK), even premium, while Germany can’t have a proper modeled Leopard to compete… That would be like what? 4x122 VS 1x2A7v.
Just wait and see Italy get more armored leopards than Germany too.Knowing Gaijin hates Germany, i wouldn’t doubt they will add the Leopard 2E to italy too… Oh and the correct models for Italy and Sweden only.


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Fake list, best ignored.

Half of those their nothing wrong with

I mean I understand the Hungarian stuff but why Romanian stuff? why F-16C if you can get a Gripen?

The Hungarian ones are fair game since they’re a subtree (even though I disagree with it), but them claiming the Leopard 2E is the one I have a problem with.


Romanian aircraft are also fine, but this topic’s about Germany.

I was agreeing with the Hungarian stuff the Romanian stuff seem not needed at this time

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An actual AA that could probably hit something if it turns slightly

Hungarian air subtree

Romania isnt even in the game yet dont know why other italy mains want this

Fair game since sub tree but centauro 2 should come first

Im going to guess this would be from romania but where are you looking ive never seen anyone ask for this

The only romanian vehicle i would really enjoy italy getting for now is the OSA since that means the otomatic could finally get some breathing room