Lets talk about the state of Germany

gaijin doesnt care for you and never will how do people still not get this

Is there any way to attract gaijin’s attention?

We’ve done everything we need to do. What else do we need to do?

They don’t even look at these problems. What can we do?

if you can like mobilize like half of the playerbase into not playing their most degenerate addiction ever - sure, otherwise wed have to count on them being nice, which uuuh yknow

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There two ways : riot or boycott their game for a while. Or else to provide our human to moderator (or higher)


We need a team leader to lead this matter


Nope. The review bombing happened after the economy was reverted.

The guy “gave up” cuz gaijin is an impossible company to work with.
If your “employer” fu*ks you over, time and time again, you stop working for them and start looking for something new.
This has nothing to do with “giving up”.
Just talk to former tech mods. Its gaijin, not them giving up.

It also doesnt matter what sources you bring them cuz “we have a source that says otherwise”

Example Puma APFSDS
We make reports with manufacturer documents.
Gaijin: we have a source that says otherwise
We: Huh?! Whats more worth as proof than the manufacturers documentation? Can we see your source please?
Gaijin: lol no.

No matter who you volunteer as a researcher/ representitive… Nothing will change mate.
Yell as loud as you want. Their hearing protection is better…


Restoring vehicle performance has become a bad sign for gaijin. If gaijin really wants it, it can even create something out of thin air (like Japan’s F16). If gaijin doesn’t want it, no matter how much information you give it, it will ignore or even use ridiculous excuses to refute it.

I have reason to believe that Gaijin is unwilling to restore the acceleration performance and true level of protection of the A7V, not because we did not provide enough information, but because of balance, and may even attract more people to play the Swedish tech tree.


I think if we don’t strive for the protection level of A7V this time, even if we obtain A8 in the future, its protection will continue to use the TVM file from the last century. Our latest Leopard 2 will still not be as good as the 122 of Sweden,and we will never see the PSO that truly possesses D-tech


Reload time and Ammo options are also considered “Balancing Tools”. Pretty sure Smin admitted that on the old Forums years ago.

Wanna know the worst part about this?
Sweden is upgrading their Strv122s to 123’s. That includes a new MGS and the L55A1 gun.
Literally making the Strvs than the 2A8

I don’t mind Swedish have some good armor stuff but what they do to 2A7V is wrong very wrong at least if they are too lazy to do something about it they can just copy/paste Strv122 hull and put it in 2A7V and call it a day but no


I’ve said a long time ago that you can’t solve the problem by submitting data, and whether the data can be implemented depends on the developer, and the data that Gaijin needs now has conflicted with the real national security, which is very difficult for players. The only way to do this is to launch a mass protest against Gaijin and rally disgruntled players


Hey you guys remember how gaijin said something to the effect that the leopard 2PSO couldn’t mount the dozer and ufp addon at the same time?

Well have fun with this:


I don’t think it bothers anyone tbh. But if we’re honest, the problems come from the fact, that gaijin has chosen to distribute the best ground tech the Germans have, to other TT’s and not to the German TT.
For instance Italy has their own domestic ariete tanks, and that should be it for their TT.

i dont think thats the PSO we have ingame, since it has the L/55 cannon

looks very similar tho

if my google skills are to trust this should be a 2A7+ urban operations but besides that exact photo i cant find the add-on armor being mounted with the dozer

so that wont be enough to convince gaijin, since proving that the hull is from the Leo 2A6EX (irrc?), which did have the add-on armor mounted wasnt enough, using a different tank altogether will not work either

according to tank-master.de the hull is from a dutch Leo 2A6 so actually not that far fetched but still dont think its enough

If I remember right after showing PSO PSO-VT was made that was basically PSO but with additional hull armour and L55

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