Let's talk about high tier map for Ground RB

Okay so I’ll go straight to the point and be honest high tier maps suck it awful why the hell most of high tier map i see is always CQC cluster F? what Gaijin expect to play something such as light tanks and ATGM carrier go CQC against MBT?? CQC map really need to be remove from high tier from 9.0-12.7 there is no place for cluster F CQC for high tier tanks.
if those CQC lovers want to play CQC then let throw those maps they want to arcade and lets them play cluster F there RB stand for realistic map such as Abandoned factory Stalingrad should not be in GRB


This BS for example is this how the tanks with no armor supposed to fight?

and for the entire map i try to flank and this is far as i can go like Gaijin try to tell me “No you need to go CQC well FY”

Well when i decide to ft and try to flank anyway but when they time run out guess what? my tanks go boom and this is what i got after that a craw lock.

so, game trying to deny my chance of fighting in the tanks like this?
guess what even playing CAS bombing people is more enjoyable than playing tanks in Dog S map like this

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The changes show a trajectory of phasing out strategic gameplay. Now look at the new bonus system that incentivises kills over actions that benefit the whole team. The writing is on the wall as to where the game is going I’m afraid.

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I don’t have a problem with bonus kills really but the map for high tier is sucks and people in this community know it but Gaijin just ignore the people here not every vehicle can go brawler such at this AMX-30 super of mine that i have to fight T-72 TURMS every match but in big map i had a lot of chance because i can at least dogde incoming fire in the map like this i don’t have a chance to fight back i try to enjoy playing tanks but it seem impossible
also, there are arcade mode to put BS map like this in

The edge of that map looks too close for that map configuration… Some of these boundaries should be changed up better.

more like map for high tier need to completely change they just advantage for some tanks that can go CQC some tanks can’t do that some might have only ATGM some don’t have armor

Thing is when they add in big maps, with variance, players have issues with them… Fire Arc was one, had all different facets, and disliked by so many… Fulda is another…

like i said before put those maps in arcade because map like those are too arcade for GRB let them go there

They really aren’t…

why in gods name are you not playing russia… Literally do the same bs post then complain that you cant flank in your RUSSIAN tank cause they might care then… You will nott get anything changed by losing in a nation thats supposed to lose

Well something inside my mind tells me that if you still want to be Humans don’t play Russia it for monkeys.

god bless you sir

Honestly, I have top tier Russia yes but stop playing for a year now out of shame and unfair feel bad for anyone who go against them really even CAS with F-16C use more skills than playing Russia now

thank you for doing the gods work o7

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The game is being destroyed little by little, update after update, playing horrible and extremely cut maps is an extremely stupid decision, destroying the little strategic possibility that the maps give you and you only play by advancing like brainless people until you kill or die, come on A real disaster and an extremely horrible decision by the developers and absolutely meaningless.
For the moment, as soon as those map moles appear, what I will do is exit the game and that’s it, I refuse to play in that garbage, I have already endured enough horrendous decisions by the developers, it has been enough.


Only maps I enjoy top tier are the very wide and open mapsm everything else just feels like a fish out of water. Granted I play Britian, so that is pretty much the only thing the Challenger is good for and im not the most experienced tanker. But this obsession for CQB sucks, and really does favour certain nations

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because it the only strength Challenger have a long-range fire support if it can’t do that it useless