Let's talk about Ground map strategy

Basically in this post, Were gonna talk about the Strategies you guy’s use for any of the ground maps we have.

We’ll also talk about how to do strategies that can be accomplished by 1, 2 , and 4 players.
(Though try to focus on 1 player strategies sense most of the time your usually alone.)
(Also, the more info the better. Anything from Screenshots to actual irl strategy guides.)

I’ll start off with a Wallonia example, An early strategy for B and C lockdown.
Instead of going for the B point, Post up below the ridge and hold off there.
You’ll get a full view for any tank’s heading up to B or C in the field.
(Do keep in mind that you can be flanked from the other side. So if you can, get another player to cover your rear. Or if your alone, Pray you hear them.)


Ground map strategy in a nutshell:

  • 95% of team will hold W down the middle of the map with horseblinders
  • Abandoned factory only has the north factory point, even when it isn’t there
  • The castle is the must important point on fulda even when there is no point there, you must always crash the castle

Press W ,cap point ,rush to enemy spawn … ignore all players that disrupt this tactics by marking enemies.

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Black …wheelie boys
Red …Must cap,must cap…must cap get in plane
Blue…Old timers advancing slowly,flanking,sniping
Pink …Me …in 6391th uptier in the row.deciding to J out or go die like hero.


If it’s a close range map, hit “Escape” and then “Return to the hangar”. Alternatively, if it’s against a nation that rely on air superiority to win, and the map is not hostile to AA systems, spawn an AA and farm aircrafts.

In the off chance It’s not a close range map, loiter around the off flank, eliminate flankers and campers, lock down the off side, cap if there is a cap, winning or losing depends on wether or not the team managed to win the initial assault on the main side.


Here’s another for maginot line.

From Red right spawn, you can head up the hill and you’ll find a small ridge, this ridge will overlook Almost all of C and if you want to overlook B just move 20 feet to the right. Good for sniping and keeping overwatch

On the blue side on the right spawn, you can manuver through the hills to just out of town, There will be a small ridge where you can hide behind and shoot anyone crossing over from A. It’s a Good spot but can be overwhelmed and outflanked if you lose the B site.

On the other side, The area directly left of your spawn will be a small hill. This hill is mainly to help with not getting spawn camped and flanked from around the left side of the city. If there aren’t many people heading to C, try to post up here to keep the spawn camper’s from getting close.

(Also, if any of you use photoshop. Let me know how to improve the resolution of these pictures as the original screenshot is 300x300) P.s. I use gimp (The editing software) so LMK if there’s a button somewhere.

Also on Maginot line, if you have an amphibious vehicle you can go to the island to the left of C and basically ruin anyones day that tried to cross that side of the castle. used the 2s38 there at 12.0 and got 2nd place

At about 6 minutes in, you’ll see the spot Gaijin Entertainment - Single Sign On