Lets make the XM-1 GM / Chrysler a light tank

Ok hear me out. The XM-1 is a highly maneuverable, lightly armored tank with a semi-decent gun with semi-decent APFSDS, with no smoke launchers. So lets make it a light tank! Medium tank hints that it can survive at least a little punishment. Not the XM-1! When a APDS can frontally pen the frontal turret armor from 600m, you have a light tank. Plus they already made a AAA tank an IFV so I see no problem with this idea.

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No it is an MBT.

No, medium tank is a weight class, also MBTs aren’t really a medium, they are just classed as such in War Thunder.

Core blimey. My Maus is a light tank!

Ok but it’s clearly obvious that the XM-1 is an MBT.


It should always be classified as an MBT, but it should gain scouting and smoke grenades.

It does play a lot like a light tank, similar to the M18, but that doesn’t make it one.

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I would 100% be fine with that. I just want the ability to smoke without having to load a different type of round.

MBT was more a doctrinal term than a term recognizing a vehicles technological attributes.

MBT, Main Battle Tank, was a class designed to fit multiple roles. Usually they fit under the “Medium” tank class, but are still classed as an MBT due to the role they filled

That isn’t caused by making it a light…

semi decent apds fs

It’s dart is absolutely dogshit to the point it makes every other positive the tank has borderline useless. Good speed to flank, Great gun handling, now if only you could put that to use and kill something. Most of the time you face uptiers against soviet tanks that you can’t reliably pen.

It needs a better round even if it warrants a higher br

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So by that logic the Leopard 1’s, OF-40’s, Amx-30’s, are all light tanks, they all very much are not light tanks. The thing that defines what a mbt is by role rather than weight or protection, which is why all those tank series are main battle tanks plus why the strv 103 is called a main battle tank by the Swedes and not a tank destroyer like anyone who doesn’t understand what the role of a mbt is, not to mention why the Merkeva is a mbt despite being very different from any other mbt.

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Jesus dude it was meant to be funny not even serious. Get a new hobby.

Yep, everything’s light.

its literally a prototype abrams


Then why did you tag it with “Suggestion”

The joke is that no one would ever take it as a legitimate suggestion. They I worded it was to make fun of the fact that it really is a fragile vehicle. I should’ve done a better job in retrospect since every keyboard warrior on here never developed proper social skills.

What do you mean never developed social skills? Your title and opening paragraph clearly states that you want this to happen, we obviously assumed this because it is what you stated, you can’t go around assuming everyone on this forum is joking, because there are a lot of serious ridiculous suggestions.

Also the XM-1GM was never fitted with smoke launchers. Im not sure about the crysler version though.

Flanking slow Soviet MBTs in your XM-1 should be easy to do. Literally any dart in the game can penetrate their sides, so I have no idea what are you complaining about.

If it was reddit I think a lot more people would realize it was suppose to be a joke. People on the forums are more straightforwards and whenever someone is joking around on the forums they make it very obvious because of that fact occasionally their are some post made on the forums that are quite ridiculous where they are actually serious about it.

It was designated as the prototype for an MBT program, characterized as a medium tank.
It has quite a bit of armor, a VERY nice gun, decent APFSDS, and why does smoke have anything to do with it?

Shoot it with 3BM4, tell me what happens.

What tank?

Do we play the same game? You aren’t able to always flank, it depends on the map. Not to mention that soviet mbts survive sideshots straight to the ammo rack all the time

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