Lets decide a map that we all play to get away from "PVE" nerds

This event has made it practically impossible to find good games due to everyone being filled with PVE drones. So could we decide to onlt play one map until the end of the event, you know for us that actually wants to play. So for example if i see this map in the browser i know its other sim enjoyers playing.

I vote smolensk, its a map that doesnt get played a lot and I recently found out it is actuallya 128 x 128 km map and not a tiny one like the wiki said.


+1 Smolensk.

The situation is really bad at the moment. 8/10 games I joined the last days were filled with these stupid suicide rocketeers.

I had some fun in tunesia today, killing them right after takeoff one after another. Pissed them really on…
Normally I don´t enjoy trolling other players, but here it felt absolutely right.
Nevertheless, after 60 min. it got boring. Its like killing stupid AI.

Im still surprised how they got so many points by just shooting rockets at the airfield and dying in the same moment.

Shouldn´t be to difficult to fix that by giving the full reward only if you live 10 sek. longer…

+1 Smolensk.

The dishonesty of those players that exploited AFs with FFAR basically killed SB Endure Confrontation high tier…, in my opinion, they should create an “Operation” map option to Air Simulator Battles with rotations as Ground SB and no “Useful Actions”.
Currently, it’s worthy to enter GSB just to fly.

As a rocketeer myself, unlike other no-brainer. I enjoy the thrill of very low altitude flying (<100m), map/radar signal reading to avoid enemy fighter, RTB safely after each run.


That’s absolutely fine.
Deliver the payload and return home in one piece.
Bombing as intended.

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That’s what I try to do if I decide to bomb bases/AFs because its super fun. Sometimes I stumble upon some low altitude PvE ai dude and I turn around and missile him and he gets mad its funny lmao

I dont mind the people who do base runs with Phantoms, very easy kills for my R27ERs
If anything gaijin should distribute these Flying RP Boos- i mean players more evenly over Sim games

Get look for this, and all PvE-guys will probably get u free from their presence.

Well i ain’t know is it unpunishable, but still set it there…

The occasional YAK-28 gaming moment in SB is pretty fun imo

Best way to play tbh.

for which Br. is your Smolensk resolution?