Let us buy Crate skins on console!

Many have already said this but now gaijin is more willing to make changes it’s time it’s spoken about again.

We need to be able to buy the camouflages from crates directly for GE on console, I will never buy a crate but I’d definitely buy many camouflages if I can buy them directly even if they were around £3-5.

We can’t get custom skins and the few we can get are super expensive and you can’t even chose the one you want. Enough with loot crates we want direct purchase only!


Yeah I defo support this as a change for 698 GE (599 key/ 99 crate essentially $9.95 (AUD) for 1000 GE) is far to much for bloody RNG and the system in placed to switch skins is also a rip off in away plus.

The old original cost was pushing it but at least the 500 GE pack was a thing ($4.95 AUD) & the the keys were 449 GE while the crates were 49 GE, That made it affordable for two skin chances for ten bucks but the current system is too much.

Option No.I:
I would argue for consoles & possibly people in countries with strict laws would benefit a lot with a QoL change to the costing on user made skins maybe the skins could be marketed at 400-500 GE if from a colour scheme crate & heh it ain’t like that’s a new thing as the devs did have single user skins marketed at 200 GE once before (way back prior to 2016 example the Strawberry Bitch skin for the Consolidated B-24D Liberator which was 200 GE).

Option No.II:
If not they could add to the BP’s up to twenty free keys for use in unlocking skins if the top option isn’t viable or just twenty free crates of the players choice including the old ones.

Optional Option No.I:
Older skin crates should just cost SL like maybe 200-300k SL or just become free at this point.

Optional Option No.II:
Up to ten free keys as options in the warbond store.

It does annoy me a tad hearing contacts on PC talk about getting like forty skins for under five bucks off the market yet here’s me limited to just one unpickable skin for roughly seven bucks ever so often.


Make Camo Crates 250 GE, and Key 50 GE, Camos could be made unsellable unless duplicate.


Maybe a good change for PC but still having to gamble on a crate still doesn’t inspire me to give them money

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If we can’t access the marketplace we should at least be able to do this.


I support this 1000% I hate the loot crate gambling mechanic that it is now. All it does is make you spend more money. Dont like the skin, go to workshop and disassemble it, buy 4 more loot crates and recycle all of those if you dont like them, then you get a free crate that you still have to pay to open and still not get what you want. Loot crates are outdated and predatory. They would have to figure something out for being able to get the old vehicles as well.

Didnt the EU ban loot crates due to gambling?


Yes please!