Let the community speak. Option to OPT out from having CAS in GB

As the title says, make available to the community an option to OPT out of having to deal with CAS in GB !

This way nobody can claim “x amount” of players think “y”. We can have some hard data on hand, maybe a big part of the community will still opt in, maybe not ! Thank you and have a nice day !


Should be like with night battles.


I don’t know about doing that in the live server just yet. I think Gaijin should test it with an event first like they did with severe damage.

That way we can see if the CAS players are right about CAS being useful for killing campers or helping you if you’re in trouble.

The community can give feedback, and if enough people had a good experience with the test event then Gaijin will add it to the game.

CAS wouldn’t be so bad if it didn’t appear within the first 2 minutes of a battle into what are titled GF modes. (Yes I’m aware of combined arms.)

I’d like to play a GF mode for at least 10 minutes of ground versus ground before CAS shows up. Also, better spawn protections against aircraft would also be welcomed by many. Too many times I’ve spawned in only to immediately get destroyed by a jet, helicopter or those fkn drones. Finally, no enemy aircraft should be spawning behind spawning locations. Ever.

Not complaining about CAS as I see the purpose and like seeing jets and helicopters in a battle, love turning them into hot twisted metal or getting saved by a flyboy, but just not so soon into what is titled as a GF mode. Just give us ground pounders some time to do our thing without any threat from above. Doesn’t seem like a big ask of Gaijin or those who prefer to play as CAS.

Haven’t ventured into the air modes so I have to ask, do aircraft have to contend with SPAA immediately into what are air focused combat modes?


I’ll vote for two seperate modes…

There needs to be a mode with and without CAS


Best way to kill Campers.

As for the 10 minute wait, nawh…Maybe 5 minutes but 10 is a bit excessive.

Immediately? No, does CAS and friends have to deal with it the second they get within 5km of said SPAA? Yes, and it’s generaly more accurate than player SPAA.

Point also, you don’t have to instantly deal with CAS in GF, it just feels that way. I am more in favor of bumping SP costs for aircraft some than anything else.
Also, Flying aircraft is basically impossible in Naval after BR 4.7 or so.

Gotta agree, especially with the CAS spawning in to start with.

Lots of Helis can take ATGMs/Rockets and bum rush the tank playing area before the game has really even gotten started

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Gaijin is nerfing planes in every possible way, but it’s still not enough for someone…

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I guess the issue is that they would need to make separate BRs for CAS and non-CAS GRB. We haven’t even managed to get separate BRs for air and ground yet, although that’s hopefully soon.

How is Gaijin nerfing planes ?

Sure, you can opt out. I’ll tell you how; Don’t que in the first place.

War Thunder is Combined Arms. Either get with the program, or see yourself out. You have other options for your tank only gameplay; War Thunder isn’t one of them.


100% agree. CAS just makes the game borderline unplayable.


…another thread, really?


Of course. You already know.

Cute flag, btw.

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Agreed. As someone who does a lot of air matches its really frustrating when a plane is completely unplayable because its been up br’d far past its competence simply due to a single guided ordinance loadout that is utterly useless in air mode. There’s a bunch of jet attackers that are all but unplayable in air mode because they’re placed against fighters that make them look like a joke.

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Maybe they don’t want to be hypocrites?