Lest talk about aa and cas

there is no reason for spaa to have irrcm and cas should cost more sp there balancee

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Both i dont agree exactly.

1 - SPAA such as the Ozelot has IRCCM in order to counter flares and even so its not always perfect and most of spaa with IR guided missiles can be dodged with relative easiness and a lot of AA’s dosent even use IR guided weaponry they use manually guided missiles such as the roland 3’s and VT1’s

2 - I dont agree with making cas more expensive in repair points but instead the weaponry should be more expensive since rn you just need 2 kills in order to spawn a fully loaded plane wich its insane taking in count how many people get at least 2 kills in a match.

The reason is to kill the plane I’m confused why you would have SPAA that doesn’t kill planes

the num 2 is what i mean

ya its broken lol with 30g pulling irrcm missles at 10.0

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Yes the Type 81 (C) shouldn’t be 10.0 I don’t know why Gaijin lowered its BR.

Irrelevant of Gaijin’s inability to make logical decisions the vehicle isn’t “overpowered” you can still flare, you just need to apply tactics to defeat its IRCCM.

if you are talking about the type 81C yes i agree it shouldnt even be at 10.0 there is reallistically nothing that can counter the missile at that br that is not the basics of going behind buildings, and even so i dont struggle to kill F16’s at top tier or anything in particular as long as its not something ultra manouverable like the Gripen wich i still an kill relatively easily, and the only problems are helis

heavier cas cant dodge irrcm

The price of a heavier airframe.

SU-25K and the A-10 shouldn’t be able to both outrange SPAA at their BR range and be able to ignore SAMs due to their flare count.

I think the rewards for destroying aircraft should be increased in ground rb to incentivize more people to actually use SPAA.


I just wish more planes were up whenever I try to use SPAA

The waiting game sucks especially since you don’t get crap for rewards

What would help a lot is if they further itemized the sp cost of weapons. Right now, all weapons of a set type are the same sp cost. This is also regardless of the amount you have. I can take 1 guided bomb or 6 and the sp cost is the same. Makes no sense.

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Air kills by SPAA are already more than average. It doesn’t encourage SPAA play. The only way to encourage play as SPAA is to improve gameplay as an SPAA. Rewards doesn’t do this similar to how Naval’s insane SL rate doesn’t encourage play for the game mode.

And for some reason the rewards for killing planes in a ground vehicle are really Bad wich discourages some players of using spaa

no spaa ruin your team

i think we should increase spawn point cost for fighters which equip guided ground ordinance.
otherwise, strike aircraft cost more than fighter anyway, so it would be detrimental to increase costs across the board.
for example, for a (relatively) max guided weaponry loadout in my Su-22 M4, it costs me nearly 800 spawn points IIRC.
Idk about the F-16s or the MiG-29SMT, but they should have to cost more to equip the Mavs and the Kh-29TD

You get more SL from air kills than you do from ground kills.

Economy does not balance the game. We literally fought over this with Gaijin to get them to stop balancing around repair costs.

If you want people to play SPAA, make playing SPAA more enjoyable. Bigger maps that allow room for SPAA to hide. Improve the efficacy of SPAA. Add strong SPAA options for ALL nations at ALL Battle ratings.