Leopards w/ spall liners are way too op

Understandable, but it is easier to make him understand that what we are talking about in this thread is how to balance the game, in fact we know that Germany and the Leopards are really powerful, even for the game (we all know the nerf over the 2A7V and even over the turret and mantlet of the 2A5 and more) so i think is easier to make him understand than fightin eachother

Then stop being a smartass and make an actual bug report to improve the situation and stop uselessly jabbing around

You genius, i am part of the discord server that collects specialy that information longer then you are. We arent misleading others, it is the current STATE OF THE GAME we are talking about here

he literaly showed with this threads he doesnt care about that when he understands that this thread is about balance and he takes in usless stuff in here

sorry 2.
As for the basis, there are many pictures at present, but documents are still needed, and they are being collected, and I hope that MBTs from other countries will also be able to obtain spall liner as soon as possible. I’m not sure if other MBT data collection is as fast as Leo2 (Leo2’s data is relatively more transparent)

No one is misleading no one here. Calm down, we all know about the nerf over the Leo 2 series over these year´s be more respectful

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It is not useless, just off topic to be honest.
But yes, if you @FUTURE_可爱的海豹 have some prove, like document, primary or secondary sources, pictures and more about the spall liners go ahead like everyone and just do a report on the Gaijin issues page: Gaijin.net // Issues . And then share it on the Let´s talk about the state of Germany thread: Lets talk about the state of Germany
And yes for the PSO there´s already a bug report about spall liners and d-tech armored hull.
Spall Liners: Gaijin.net // Issues
Dtech armored hull: Gaijin.net // Issues
We don´t need to fight eachother

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This is incorrect. The KWS 2 dropped the hull spall liner for one reason or another. Therefore, the 2A5 and 2A6 did not have spall liners in the hull. Source attached below.


Frank Lobitz, “Gesamtwerk Leopard 2”, page 130


Yes, we collect and issuse,the response is “Submitted as a suggestion”.

As for balance, I’m more inclined to strengthen the relatively weak MBTs, such as adding a spall liner to poor Ariete as soon as possible(just an example, not necessarily true). These weak MBTs are hardly even effective threats to powerful MBTs of lower BRs.

I forgot that the technical state of the game is locked.
subsequent mods and upgrades were added, and then the photos misled me.

No need to apologize, we all make mistakes sometime, next time just try to know the context of the discussion. And yes, we are waiting for the response about these bug reports, and like everytime the first response is “Submitted as a suggestion” or even worse the “Not a bug” so the only thing we can do is wait, and if the issue is rejected then try it again

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thanks for clarifyng like always^^

You know, we have the Toxindragon infinite knowledge about Leos tanks to clarify everything (And even to conquest the world 🤣 or in this case the game 😆) @Toxindragon

Sounds good for me if @Toxindragon will be Germany consultant in war thunder. Any ideas to appear it in life?


Literally no a single idea, knowing the CEO maybe? 👀

Maybe. I tried to become a moderator on ru forum, but as said community manager : " You are too rude".



Yes, it was same reaction from me…

absoutely right they are almost impossible to kill now and they got tons of backups with that shit, sweden better not talk about it

i’ve blown up 12 of them already.

Its pretty much just the russian basement warriors, since the NATO tanks suddenly don’t die in 1 shot as they hold W non-stop thruout the battle.

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