Leopardo 2 123 x cristian II

Is there any practical difference in the shielding of both MBT’s in their respective descriptions in the technology tree?
Example: In the game it says that the leopard 2 has 80/65/25 hull armor and 80/80/25 tower armor, while the cristian ii says it has 35/25/20 hull and 25/25/15 tower, However, I know that both are basically the same vehicle, I believe that this difference (if it really exists, as it doesn’t appear on the wiki) is irrelevant at this level because it is pure steel, but I wanted the opinion of more experienced players on this.
So, to summarize, with this information, is it possible to assume that Cristian is more fragile, or is that bullshit?

They on paper are different but they are identical other then the smoke grenade difference.