Leopard 40/70 AAA BR Increase Needed

The numbers don’t lie, this vehicle needs a BR increase - 5.7 for RB is a good start.

As every good vehicle it have good stat, but you don’t have posted a lot of information in favor for your opinion.

Gaijin would not prefer to do that, as they said its a gap filler SPAA, it needs to be lower than 5.7

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72 km/h top speed + almost 100mm penetration autocannon at 5.0 BR. Gajin won’t ever learn. This thing is mean. Why again is the Kugelblitz 7.0 and the Falcon 8.0 or something???

its fine where it is.
a pro Tipp : if you encounter one, just press space bar and you will win.

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German mains: what is space bar?

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