Leopard 2's, let's talk about something important and essential that is missing from these German beauties

GUN BARREL* doesn’t rise after shooting. This is unnatural.

Yes, I know it doesn’t need to, it just there to make loaders job easier. But that’s such a Leopard thing… why isn’t it in the game?

Because it would negatively impact player experience.

But it’s coool

doesnt that happen with nearly every tank irl though?


Turret or gun barrel? I don’t think I’ve seen any tanks where the turret has a hickup after firing.


Yes its complete sentence

If I remember correctly the tank barrel salute after firing was discussed a while ago on the old forum and I think that it was said that it will not be modeled, only the time required to get the gun into battery will be added to reload rate. But I’m old and memory pills are not a thing unfortunately, so I might be wrong.

Edit: IMO the best part is the puff of smoke at the end

So uncool :[

missing spall liners in the turret und the 2 angeled thick steel blades in the wedges


yes but on auto loaders is the barrel only a little bit higher when loading.

That’s interesting, never thought I’d actually see the inside of one of these