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Leopard 2A4


History of Leopard 2s in Turkish Armed Forces dates back to 2000s, to Tank 2000 Tender. Turkish Armed Forces open a tender for 250 modern tanks for Turkish Land Forces Command. Scope of this tender was to increase armored capabilities TLFC, acquire further know-how and update the existing infrastructure for building and maintaining modern armor. Four, later five, contenders from four countries were announced. Those tanks were: M1A2SEP, later M1A2, USA – Leopard 2A6EX, Germany – Leclerc, France – T-84-120 “Yatağan”, Ukraine. After extensive test in Turkey, Leopard 2A6EX was completed all tests with outstanding performance and announced as winner of Tank 2000 Tender. Turkish and German sides failed to agree in matter of technology transfer and local production, which sealed the fate of Tank 2000 Tender.

Fast forward to 2005, Turkey showed interest to buy secondhand Leopard 2A4s from German Army surplus. 365 Million Euro worth deal for 298 Leopard 2A4 was made and tanks were delivered between 2006 - 2010. Later additional 56 Leopard 2A4 was bought in 2009, delivered between 2010 – 2014. Since then, Leopard 2A4 is one of the most important assets of Turkish Armed Forces.

Leopard 2NG

After failure of Tank 2000 Tender, Turkey opted to buy secondhand Leopard 2A4 to bolster its aging tank fleet. Although Leopard 2A4 was newer and more potent than everything Turkish Army fielded, it was an aging platform even when Turkey first bought them in 2005. It was originally planned to upgrade Leopard 2A4 with ASELSAN’s Next Generation package to bring 2A4s to 2A5/6 level. This modernization’s aim was to enhance protection, lethality, and situational awareness of the vehicle. It had German supplied AMAP armor package and numerous ASELSAN sub-systems. First prototype was delivered in 2011. In following years, 2NG prototype was showcased in IDEF 2015 and 2017. For unknow reasons, NG modernization never went into full scale production and many of the components were later used in other modernization packages and become foundation for indigenous tank project’s subsystems foundation.

Scope of Modernisation

Next Generation Modernization package consists of new armor package and ASELSAN made indigenous sub-systems. General Information about Next Generation Package:

Next Generation Package Details

List of systems of Next Generation Modernization as follows:

TLUS - Tank Laser Warning System
TLUS Laser Warning System is an advance threat detection system with ability to detect, classify and identify laser threats aiming on the platform and activate countermeasure systems in a short response time and with high sensitivity. TLUS is designed to detect laser threats operating on various optical bands such as Laser Range Finders (LRF), Laser Designators (LD) and Laser Beam Riders (LBR).

Main Features
• Threat Classification (LRF, LTD, LBR)
• Threat Tracking
• High Sensitivity
• Fast Response Time

Brochure with More Information


TSGS - Tank Driver Vision System
TSGS is a high-performance vision system designed for main battle tanks and other platforms to provide superior vision and maneuvering capability in harsh weather and battlefield conditions.

Main Features
• Day and Night Usage
• Advanced Vision Capability
• Situational Awareness
• Thermal Imager

Brochure with More Information


BMS - Battlefield Management System

ETKTS - Electrical Gun & Turret Drive System

TAKS/Volkan-II - New Generation Fire Control System

TAKS Brochure with More Information


VOLKAN-II Brochure with More Information


SARP - Remote Controlled Weapon Station

See Below - Firepower

AMAP - Additional Modular Armor Protection

General Specifications

Leopard 2NG does not changes the main cannon, it retains the excellent Rheinmetall Rh-120 120 mm L/44 smoothbore cannon. As secondary armament, NG has co-axial 7.62mm machinegun and 12.7mm heavy machine-gun on remotely controlled weapon system.

Although raw firepower seems like more or less the same, NG’s lethality is substantiality increased with new generation fire control system, TAKS, which I later named as VOLKAN-II, new gunner’s and commander’s periscope. With new fire control system and optics, NG acquired hunter/killer capacity and ability to operate with a damaged periscope.

SARP Remote Controlled Weapon Station

SARP is a compact, remotely operated stabilized weapon platform with high-precision surveillance capabilities and superb firepower. It can be integrated onto vehicles or fixed posts to provide firepower against air, ground, and asymmetric threats. SARP has ability to mount 7,62mm machine-gun, 12.7mm heavy machine-gun and 40 mm automatic grenade launcher in accordance with the operational needs.

Main Features

• Laser Range Finder

• Day and Night Imaging

• Gyro Aided Stabilization

• Automatic Target Tracking

• Shoot-On-the-Move Capability for Stationary and Moving Targets

Brochure with More Information



Leopard 2NG retains original EuroPowerPack which consists of MTU MB 873 Ka-501 diesel engine coupled with RENK HSWL 354 transmission system. With the additional armor and sub-systems, Leopard 2NG weights approximately 65 tonnes which is 10 tonnes heavier than base model Leopard 2A4. Due to this substantial increase in weight, performance of Leopard 2NG is affected. NG retains the top speed of 70 km/h while power-to-weight ratio is 23.0 hp/t, lower than Leopard 2A4’s 27.27 hp/t.


Leopard 2NG has enhanced protection over Leopard 2A4 with Advanced Modular Armor Protection package. With AMAP, NG received additional armor, providing better protection against variety of threats including KE & CE rounds, mines and IEDs. NG’s armor scheme is more or less the same with Rheinmetall’s Evolution/Revolution package.

AMAP Advanced Modular Armor Protection

Advanced Modular Armor Protection applied on NG consists of Spall-Liner, additional Roof, Turret, Hull, Skirt, Slat and Under-Belly Armor providing sufficient protection against all kinds of threats.


  • Crew: 4
  • Dimensions and Weight
    • Mass: 65 Tons
    • Length: 7.7 m
    • Width: 4.0 m
    • Height: 2.5 m
  • Armament
    • Main Armament:
      • Rheinmetall Rh-120 120mm L/44 Smoothbore Cannon
    • Secondary Armament:
      • MG3 7.62mm Co-Axial Machine Gun
      • SARP Remotely Controlled Weapon Station Mounted M2HB 12.7mm Heavy Machine-Gun
    • Ammunition Capacity
      ∙ 42 Tank Rounds
      ∙ 4600 7.62mm Co-Axial Machine Gun
      ∙400 12.7mm Remotely Controlled Heavy Machine Gun Rounds
  • Mobility
    • Engine: MTU MB 873 Ka-501 Diesel Engine, 1500 Horsepower
    • Transmission: RENK HSWL 354 Automatic Transmission, 4 Forward, 2 Reverse
    • Suspension: Torsion Bar
    • Maximum Speed: 70 km/h
    • Power to Weight: > 23 hp/t
  • Protection
    • Armor:
      ∙Rheinmetall Protection Systems Advanced Modular Armor Protection (AMAP)
    • Active/Passive Protection System: None
    • Smoke Grenades: 12x
  • Accessories
    • Night Sight
      ∙ Gunner
      ∙ Commander
      ∙ Driver
    • Thermal Sight
      ∙ Gunner
      ∙ Commander
      ∙ Driver
    • CITV
    • Laser Range Finder
    • Laser Warning Receiver
    • Hunter-Killer Capacity (Commander’s Override)

Implementation to War Thunder

Leopard 2NG would be excellent Squadron Vehicle for future Turkish Tech Tree, as it was not accepted into service. Gameplay-wise, Leopard 2NG would fare similar to Leopard 2PL, NG has slightly better protection and similar firepower to PL. BR-Wise, I would say it fits 11.3 but increased protection might bump it to 11.7.

Additional Photos



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ASELSAN Next Generation Upgrade Information Video


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I would like to see this Leopard as a squadron vehicle for Italy.
P.S. How do you like this idea?

Looks like Leopard 2PL with extra hull armor like Strv122.

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+1 for the turkish Technology Tree

Should this be Germany’s new premium? Because they haven’t gotten a new premium tank for a while