Leopard 2A8

Italian one sucks they decided to instead use the 1500 hp engine instead of the 1630 hp

Still much better then Ariete trash.

İtalian mains should be thankful that they will get both Hungary and domestic versions, not gonna even talk about Gripen as Well.

Made me remember hungary Will get a KF51 with an autoloaded 120 mm probably with DM63

Germany will most likely get 130mm version which will be Better Anyway.

İm still pissed about Gripen incident tho especially Sweden didnt get C versions while other nations did.

Ariete C3 when gaijin :(

No Ariete for you but here take Leopard comrade.

Yeah altough Germany didnt Buy the 130 mm versión they Will still get it, altough idk if gaijin might ads it with drones or without or with drones modification

Doesnt matter for me, as long as Germany gets 130MM version.

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If all goes according to plan we could see the first Italian pre-series production Leopard 2A8 in 2026.
In reality, not in the game.

We are in the study phase, it has not yet been decided which engine it will adopt.

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man leopard 2AX/3 prototype its gonna be shown next year

Maybe well get it if we get more modern aircraft such as the Su-57 and the F35

I’d probably be in the USAF by that time 😂

give us air intel about future projects lol


I’ll definitely do that if they let in Area 51😂


What does it has to do with it?

that by the time a slightly better 2A7V its given to other countries germany will have already a prototype of the next leopard wich will obviously be much better than the last leopards

I know what you meant to say, but it still doesn’t have anything to do with the topic.

it means “damn until 2026 that’s gonna be kinda long taking in count the prototype for the Leopard 3 or 2AX its gonna be shown next year 2025” you are not very good in terms of common sense for the looks of it

Ok, you win.

What??? Its not an argument i’m just trying to Say that italy it’s gonna be behind daamn dude