Leopard 2A7V missing Auxiliary Power Unit

So the Leopard 2A7 series as far as I know all of them feature a Auxiliary Power Unit including and most definitely the 2A7V, its a small generator within the vehicle that allows the main systems to run with the engine fully off, this means when the engine is off the battery should still be getting charge to operate the vehicle allowing thermals to stay on, turret speed to stay fully functional, laser range finder working all with the engine off, they modelled the exhaust for it on the side but didn’t implement it itself. If there are any actual Leopard 2A7 tankers please correct me
in area where I am wrong.

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APU is not a thing in game, nobody has it.


Are the Panzer IV A through H still missing their second engine in this game, the DKW-Motor Typ ZW 500?