Leopard 2A7V discussion & bugs

it ok i will delete it now

No. How would you find unclassified informations about it? Its a 2015+ tank, you just cannot. They should’ve just give it a better acceleration like 2A4 and call it a day.

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We currently do not plan any further blogs of this style for the time being after covering the 3 main vehicles we outlined we would cover. A blog is not required to respond and deal with individual reports

Im only aware of the Blog on the M1 DU hull armor, which just addresses a single report and the blog of the Challenger 2, which covers multiple.

So you said there are 2 other blogs about main vehicles with extensive reports on them? I can’t see to find them.
You surely can’t mean the low effort spall liner blog post right?

Vehicle specific reports will not be part of the overall 2024 roadmap. This will follow the same type of style as the 2023 roadmap.

I was not referring to specific reports. Many of the current most popular vehicles have a large number of critical issues, which is per Se just one problem of how Gajin introduced the vehicles in an incomplete state.
I was referring to when these problems of these vehicles as a group will be corrected.
You decide either if the issues will be addressed or not.

It’s one of the most popular topics with the player base right now. I don’t see a reason why it shouldn’t be included.

he propably means the small part talking about leopard in the answering your concerns page…

Their is now more reports on it

As explained above, every report is different. They are not all connected and very rarely all happen to be resolved at the same time. For the reasons mentioned in my previous post, its not possible to provide specific times as to when each report will be resolved.

Thank you this made it clear.

You decide either if the issues will be addressed or not.

It seems that gajin decided to not address any of the communities concerns. No interest in the reports, no interest in communicating via blog posts or otherwise.

Good. Now we know at least where gajin stands.

PS: I also wish the Cr2 community good lucky in their futile attempts.


oh nice era might get fixed?

This is a blind man talking to a deaf man. On the one hand we have a commercial company that has created a “simulator” with the other we have words of Smin1080 about a lot of vehicles that cannot be reproduced correctly. Just give up already. It’s game which need to make money from stupid community and make decisions, which didn’t improve game experience…

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In the case of the Leopard 2A7V, they pretty much all are connected, wrongly modelled (parts modelled into each other report is being worked on resulting in armor not working right)turret dmg model being to high, turret ring protector piece not protected modelled right (way to small etc), gajin falsly using swedish trials giving wrong armor values for modern vehicles and so on


Yeah ill be very happy if it does it was my main problem with the TES

not looking forward to the inevitable addition of the Puma VJTF and us needing to prove effectiveness of western era once again as well (ignoring all the other puma reports…)


There you go. Submitted a report solely focusing on the hull.


This would not be correct.

A lot of the time post major update was taken to directly address the concerns raised and provide the developers explanations.

I appreciate there is disagreement on the outcome of some of those reports, but there very much was direct communication in response detailing the developers process and outcomes. To say there is none and will be none is very much incorrect.

As we have also said, all further reports with new sources or materials will be investigated and answered. What I have said is we do not currently plan any more of the vehicle specific blogs for the time being. They were generally to cover the most discussed broad subjects on each.

All reports will continue to be reviewed and answered individually



Forwarded for review thanks.


Furina, if you need a forming advisor, I can help you form your bug reports to be easier to understand and focused.
That way we can make the reports have the highest possibility of success.

i don’t think thats gonna go well

It’s an offer. They don’t have to take it.
I see A LOT of reports fail because it was difficult to understand… as an English “expert” [college].
Translated English? That’s gonna be more difficult to understand; learned this in my years of study in world language.

A lot of the time post major update was taken to directly address the concerns raised and provide the developers explanations.

Sorry but I do not see that reflected in gajins public posts.

Lets talk about the Blog posts that you claimed was about the 2A7V, that “took a lot of time to make”:

  1. It lied (or is it incompetence?) about the protection the tank provides ingame
  2. It provided no explanation for the conclusion the developers arrived at the 2A7V must have worse armor than a 34yr old prototype. Despite the many sources we provided on the internal and externally upgraded armor.

Nothing else was said in that blog post.
So we asked the developers to clarify on that. Yet I have not see a single response to our questions.
These two points were not even the main concern of the community.

That blog is simply a non-answer and can not be called communication.

I appreciate there is disagreement on the outcome of some of those reports.

What outcome? Almost all reports will either be shut down with “Not a bug” or duplicate, and other times “submitted as a suggestion”. You even banned one of the guys that put a lot of effort into making the reports. Either way Ive almost never see a single developer response to either of these.
If we receive a response, its almost always a tech mod and not a developer as you claimed.
If they received a response at all.

E.g. Gaijin.net // Issues
We DMed a Tech mod and you on the issue. We provided the details. Material that cost me big time and money to acquire. We pinged the tech mod 3 times. What is the result a month later? We got ghosted and a third Mod close the issue without talking to us.
I even offered to provide a full scale 3D scan of the turret and the parts in question.
We provided everything that was asked for, and there were no additional material that was asked of us. Yet it was closed.

Where is this “communication” here?
Not to mention that this report in a similar manner was submitted for the first time 5 years ago. It was “passed as a suggestion”. I’ve not seen a developers response till this day.

Next example: Gaijin.net // Issues
Some Tech mod made up some nonsense that has nothing to do with the report and closed it.
I and the OP DM’ed him over a Month ago. Still no response.

This report again, has been reported for almost every Leo 2 for the past 5 years. Sometimes passed as a suggestion sometimes ignored like here. Yet every new Leopard 2 the same issue gets copied to. We literary went to measure the dimension of the hatch to show that its incorrect, but apparently that’s not enough? Do we need a notary to certify it or what?
How many developer responses have we received on it? ZERO.

This is the same pattern over and over and over again. That’s just on the 100+ issues just on the Leo 2s alone.
I don’t see any attempts by the developers to actually communicate here.

You know communication is a two way street right?

The “submitted as a suggestion” reports just disappear into the void and will never be heard of again.
We are not getting a response, nor are we seeing action by the developers.

Or is that what you call “communication”?