LEOPARD 2A7V Ammorack?

Does the Leopard 2A7V have isolated ammunition from the crew?
[ammunition near driver]

Does hitting this ammunition magazine blow up the tank?

EDI: Im askind about Leo 2a7 in game
[not this real]


No it doesn’t have. Only isolated ammo is on the back of the turret. But with 2A7 it should be very rare to ammo rack because it uses DM63/73 with better propellant that is less prone to explode


The Leo 2A7v does not have isolated ammunition in the hull, but the latest projectiles use propellant charges with reduced sensitivity to catch fire.


just that we dont have that one in the game


Sadly no, we dont have it in game. Using DM63/73 with propellant less prone to explode, can increase the survivability like maybe a 50%? (i dont know the real results testing the new the ammo IRL). I mean, i donΒ΄t charge more than 16 proyectiles on short maps, but when im going to camp a zone where i have a hull down position maybe i take like 20-22 (depends on mission type) so i think it can be a good addition