Leopard 2A7 turret rotation speed

The Leopard 2A7 seems to still retain the same turret rotation speed as the 2A6 for example. And this is wrong, as seen in a clip i made.

In this Clip you can see a spanish leopard 2, wich does a 360°rotation in 10 second, which means the turret rotation speed should be around 36° per second

The video is not about the 2A7V, but its a Spanish Leopard 2E, which is different, i don’t get your point.

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the 2E is based on the 2A7, wwould be stupid if it doesnt have the same hydralic system

The Leopard 2E is not based on the 2A7V

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i mean tech wise same gun thermals so on

Your point being? Spanish Leopard 2E could’ve been keep under bad condition, which would lead to a worse rotation, you can’t use a video of a different tank to file a bug report, tanks in WT operates as they were perfectly fine without problems.

Im just saying that if you want to prove your point, you need better sources than that.

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Exactly, the leo 2e of spain is more like a 2a6 than a 2a7…

The game does not take the turret acceleration & de-acceleration into account for ANY vehicle, so these speeds are up to the spec sheet which is 40 degrees per second. Besides that, there’s a video of a Danish 2A7 performing a rotation 40 deg/s - so this video of the 2E isn’t really a gospel of truth, since there can be many reasons for it to be “slower”, such as the drives being undermaintained, the turret being heavier (roof add-on armour), older drives etc.

Turret rotation is amongst the biggest offenders of realism as Gaijin refuses to implement the stabilizer correctly, giving many tanks vastly over performing turret rotation speeds, obviously this benefits Russia more than anyone else as they historically have the lowest rates.

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Yes but no. Currently the only tank to truly suffer from it is the Type 10, i don’t see your point of brinding Russian MBT in the discussion.

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on heavy offroad conditions this will be x10 slower.

Ok, and?