Leopard 2A4M CAN: The Maple Leaf Leopard

Oh :3

That give me hope


Personally have been waiting for that faithful day they add the 2A4M, it’ll be the maple syrup to my waffles. Also think It should be a sub-tree in Germany because they already have the C2A1and there’s also other Canadian variants of 2A6 aswell. (could also take the Canadian ADATS from Britian and put it in a sub tree)

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Personally, I’d prefer a Commonwealth of Nations tree. Not an independent Canadian tree. As it avoids the issue with too much copy-paste and you could instead have the typical Light Tank/Armoured Car, Medium Tank, Heavy Tank/SPG, and SPAA lines. With a spare line for overflow.

My man trying to bring down the whole angry brit player base down upon him.


Someone likes baiting

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Canadian leopards are already under Germany

One as an event

You mean the one misnamed event vehicle?(It has other problems as well like not even speaking the right language.)

Added back when it was still closet nation the tech is.

Before the Swiss hunter and the Indian T-90. As of right now, a Canadian Leo could be added to China if Gaijin wants. It’s rules for me now. As Candian a nation without a home doesn’t have any rules where it’s tech goes as Gaijin has shown.

Besides the one you responded to said Canadian sub-tree for it going to the UK which in that case:

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Please Gaijin … Just Make this Happen! - Don’t care how!

I do love the look of the flat side profiles on added armor plates!
Despite liking angled armor…

 --- It does visually look much nicer! ---

Idk what BR this would be or fit into with 2A7V and others…
Guess Around Leopard 2 PSO?

  • I hope they don’t hold off on this JUST BECAUSE Other nations struggle to have 11.7 top-tier vehicle numbers (Italy etc.)
  • I mean … You can never have too many leopards! Just makes the grind of that nation longer, more means to make people frustrated and buy GE to help out… Or heck make it an Event Vehicle

Or some kind of Premium …

– Oh shit! DUH!!

  • Premium Route may make more sense than I thought at first as:

After Alpha Strike (and Before with Click Bait for USA etc) …

  • Nearly every other nation was given near top-level 11.0BR Premiums!

But not for Germany!

This would fit in as a near-top-tier German Grinder!


Add this, please! No matter how!

And in DE tech Tree!


As a Canadian, it shouldn’t come at all to the game if it goes to the German TT.

As it will speak German and has plenty of other problems as it gets to fight the Canadian SPAA that it would fight with not against. Not even training was that cruel.

Vehicles that fly the Canadian flag have no place in the game split up from its other historical vehicles.

AKA it becomes another screw you to us Canadians. As it gets added as another unattainable event vehicle if you are not a millionaire.


Mark my words,
German TT as a GE premium at (11.3?

I would have said Pack prem

Nah, source: A friend could read it in his shit,
Also just like the Challenger 2 OES GE prem

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