Leopard 2A4M CAN: The Maple Leaf Leopard

looking at the F16 i don’t think its likely as it would too new (in terms of Gajin knowing that they could add it) but maybe something else

tell that the KF41, which literaly arrived a few months earlier in hungary, or the community demanding the 2a7hu

Never mind then but the deal hasn’t gone though yet so we will see what Gajin will give Germany as a stop gap

Most of the people doesn’t want Canada tt but want those tank in USA, UK and Germany, people just split us and gaijin listen…

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others are arguing we might get the polish F-16 since the exclusive polish radar was datamined, but that gonna open a whole other shitshow once again as well

not exclusive Israel also used it i think

I mean if it is a 1 off. it doesn’t mean anything. As people pointed out lots of nations aff their stuff in other trees before they where added.

2 of, leopard 2 pl

Unhh- what dose a Polish Leo have to do with Argentina?

my bad, we switched to talking about polish f1-6 thought u answered to that, besides that argentinian stuff is even more in the german tree

Not sure how accurate this is

quite accurate, gzabi is a good source

his sources is from the guy that leaked the Leo originally i think

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so looks like we already gotten the answer

already discussed in lenths in R&R and here yeah

I will play only the leo in Germany… I’m evil :3

Who need 5 tank on a line when I can use one Canadian tank only


apparently oxy said in stream right now there is no more leopards coming this update besides the swedish premium

Meaning the leo 2a4m can is only coming next update if at all

you mean in June right

yes, not this update

ah ok just making sure