Leopard 2 PSO: Urban Warfare Tactics

A special version of the Leopard 2 series tank, which has been specifically designed for urban combat, featuring improved defensive capabilities. Meet this new German top-tier tank, coming in the “Sons of Attila” update!

Leopard 2 PSO, MBT, Germany, rank VII


  • Additional armor — useful protection!
  • Modern Fire Control System.
  • Upgraded engine to help compensate for the additional armor.
  • .50 Cal gun on the turret roof.
  • Bulldozer blade.

The Leopard 2 PSO, with PSO standing for “Peace Support Operations”, was KMW’s proactive development of the Bundeswehr’s requirements for a tank that needed to be adapted for urban warfare peacekeeping operations. As a result of this version, the Leopard 2 PSO features a compact Euro-Powerpack engine, and has been equipped with optional equipment, capable of being fitted for whatever mission is at hand. The Leopard 2 PSO’s hull has been equipped with additional armor modules on the sides and on the turret, as well as reinforced underbody protection. The modernization of Leopard 2 tanks under the PSO program was first delayed and then eventually abandoned in favor of upgrading tanks to the Leopard 2A7 specification.

The Leopard 2 PSO will be coming to the game at rank VII of the German ground forces research tree in the upcoming major update “Sons of Attila”! This upgraded variant will offer more protection, as well as a new engine and additional combat capabilities. Let’s dive further into the details!

Specifically designed for urban combat environments, the Leopard 2 PSO features additional modules of armor that have been added to the sides of the hull and turret — which are typically the most vulnerable areas of the Leopard’s armor layout. Thanks to the addition of this extra protection, the Leopard 2 PSO will now have increased survivability against shaped charge rounds, as well as hits against autocannon fire. These additional armor modules can also improve protection against kinetic shells fired from other MBTs, but typically kinetic shells will have no problem against this extra protection!

Download Wallpaper:

Moving onto a more obvious part of the Leopard 2 PSO, which is the large dozer blade that is located at the front. The purpose of this dozer blade was to clear any obstructions that the tank may face, and in the game, will be able to move terrain around on the map — the same as any other dozer blade. It also gives additional protection, especially against shaped charged shells and guided missiles!

Furthermore, in addition to new armor, the Leopard 2 PSO received a Euro-Powerpack engine and a new transmission. This has been added to help with the weight of the additional added armor, and despite its higher HP, you will not notice any improvements to the speed compared to previous Leopard 2 versions. As for ammunition that can be fired, the Leopard 2 PSO features a new, exciting DM11 high-explosive shell to play with. And, as with previous Leopard 2 variants that you are familiar with, the Leopard 2 PSO features excellent shells and firepower, a laser rangefinder, as well as thermal imaging for the commander and gunner.

That’s this dev blog wrapped! The specifically designed urban warfare Leopard 2 PSO will be waiting for you at the end of the German research tree with the release of the “Sons of Attila” update! Though, before that, we’ll continue to release dev blogs so that you will be able to see what else we’ve got coming. See you soon!

You can greatly speed up the research of the Leopard 2 PSO with this premium pack:

Leopard 2A4 Pack
Leopard 2A4 Pack
The Kit Includes:
  • Leopard 2 (PzBtl 123) (Germany, Rank VI)
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Good, finally a new rank VII addition :) Hopefully it won’t take almost 3 years to get the next one.

Can we dismount the dozers to close the armor hole at the upper front? Has the dozer some kind of protection value itself? Has the weapon station its own thermal viewer to spot around?

Is the side armor protecting vs. kinetic angled shots a bit?


busted??? it’s literally a 2a5 with some NATO (useless) ERA on each side and a MG, that’s literally it


So will the front armor on the hull be fixed when its released?


Dude germany has one of the worst toptiers in the game…
“another busted german tank” is just simply wrong.

Also literally any toptier round goes clean through all german tanks lmao…


the hell did you smoke, it still is worse then the swedish Strv 122.

Besides that the tank still needs it frontal hull armor add on


Is it ERA? I thought it to be a composite screen. And according to some ppl it makes it immune to 30mm sideshooting, which is something which often happens to Leopards from SPAA’s and BMP-like vehicles. Maybe even angled dart shots need bigger angles now …

The weapon station with that cal50 will be very useful vs. these endemic heli rushes at match start. Better elevation angles than a rooftop MG.

Somehow I also hope its frontal armor will be harder to penetrate, lets see how it goes live.


sadly not Strv 122 protection lvl, i think it is missing gen d tech armor


So Swedes still have the best ingame Leopards :( Thats nuts. How can be the home country of the Leopard tank get shafted again and again. Why can’t German TT get equivalents from one of the 23513452345 industry projects? Its the German tech tree and not that of the de-funded Bundeswehr of the early 2000’s.


As we all know,“D-tech” armor not only include the “frontal add-on armour package”,but also include Upgrades of internal armor filling,which means that even without the frontal add-on armour, The PSO’s hull itself has a higher ability to against KE than the C-tech armor.
If gaijing u dont want to give the add-on amrour back for some balancing reason,we can understand,but u should buff the base KE of PSO’s frontal hull to 600mm+ at least.


you mean, among the best firepower, best armor and more than good mobility? Did you play anyting else than germany and russia top tier?

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Best armour? Dude i want some of the stuff you are smoking.


Firepower is next to useless in top tier since anything above ~550mm can penetrate basically anything, the armor is terrible since you can pen it frontally with IFVs and it’s not even the best armor a leopard can have in game, and the mobility is sub-par in comparison to T-80s and Abrams.


Are you planning to add front armor when the dozer blade is not installed? Historically, this is like that, depending on what mission are destined for you can choose to mount the dozer blade or keep the armor added to the chassis for better protection.


I’d like to see how useful this armour actually is as marketed. Against HEAT I have no worries but I’m afraid the developers interpret the words, “designed particularly for protection against shaped charges” as “can’t even stop a 50cal” as a KE threat. Would be nice if a Western design in-game protected against 30mm KE threats for once… and maybe even against some lower pen main cannon APFSDS fired at extreme angles (the space between this add-on armour and main armour should help). Otherwise the armour is only dead weight in top tier and the fact it can’t be removed only hammers home the point. I don’t have the dev server to check but I’m not getting my hopes up.


Honestly i love how you already can see that its missing the add on where the dozer blade is, so basicly a leopard 2a5 with a roof 50 cal more hp but also more weight xD

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need 650ke


If this doesn’t get the UFP with improved APFSDS protection, then it’s clearly meant to be an insult to german players


it wont have Strv 122 lvl of protection, it is missing d tech internal composite


Yes, the first brand new MBT from German players in three years still cannot compete with Sweden’s strv122