Leopard 2 PSO: Urban Warfare Tactics

Yes, the first brand new MBT from German players in three years still cannot compete with Sweden’s strv122


There’s hardly any info on the PSO’s internal armour beyond the TVM max. Frank Lobitz states that the 2A6EX had the same armour Strv 122 but that’s all there is.

damn propably not enough

The same goes for the Strv 122 though. Documents from the swedish trials can’t be used because their origins are… iffy.

is it known if the Leo2a6Hel has d tech armor? the HEL is based on the 2A6EX as well

According to Lobitz, the 2A6HEL was the most modern Leopard 2 variant when it entered service and was optimised for tank engagements. The 2E, which entered service in 2004, had armour up to the most modern standards and the 2A6HEL entered service in 2005. In my opinion, their armour was probably the same. That means they had at least D-Tech.


it would make sense taking in count dates but remember that there was a problem with some tanks having mixed up armor wich was really wacky tbh

the only thing making the pso good,would be the ufp armor which could take a hit
But ru mains would and will complain in 1 sec that they can’t point and click them then anymore… xD


If gaijin plans to provide PSO with front armor, please let us know to reassure us. If gaijin does not plan to provide front armor, please also let us know not to wait. Many people are paying attention to this issue


I agree. Please Gaijin let us know if the new German MBT is going to be competitive (with frontal armour) or is going to be a downgraded Leopard 2A5 who cost more to research and buy than a 2A6


A new tank with the same weak frontal armor as the A4, A5 and A6 would be pointless. Especially cause it adds more weight for no benefit and has just the L44 short gun.

Without frontal armor it should be foldered with the A5, cause its just a worse sidegrade. With actually working frontal armor, as the German export tanks to Sweden already have, it would be an improvement and should be at the top of the tree.


were is the front armor


we don’t need more l2a5 we need l2pso


atleast something new for Germany regarding Top tier

please gaijin reply to the question about the PSO front armor


Considering the frontal armour was passed as a suggestion I would not be surprised it gets added in a future update when pore mowerfull tanks come. And its probably sooner rather than later considering they recently talked about rank VIII and the “leak” of the T-90M

gaijin has re rejected the previously approved issue


Too disappointed. There is no hope for Germany.

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Ah yes, the Leo we didnt want,or needed, an Leo 2 A7 would have been 10 million times better


Is there already a new collection thread for all the errors in the PSO model?
I only opened the tank in the preview and immediately found a known error.
For the time being, I would rather not watch the drama that has found its way into the TT any further.

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