Leopard 2 Last Stand

I dont have this problem as much when using 120mm or 125mm, but when I play M1 Abrams USA 10.3, I feel like I cant beat Leopard 2s when I meet them frontally. Almost every time I land a center mass shot, I never disable it’s ability to shoot me back. T series tanks 9/10 times blow up from drivers port or lower plate shot but with Leopards it’s like they have the last stand perk from call of duty… When I get the jump on them in urban combat I almost never 1 shot, and 2 seconds after I pen the commander takes over and I get 1 shot in return.

My KD in M1 KVT only recently became positive, used to be horribly negative but when I play my Leo 2 Pzbtl(always had a positive KD) it seems as if a lot of the time I have a second chance when I get shot, even by 125mm too. Whats the way to work around this? I’m an aggressive objective player so I find myself in this situation very often.

Thanks guys

Also does anyone else see my text font all messed up?

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Try aiming at the gunners sight just to the left of the gun on Leo2’s, 774 should be able to pen the sight, go past the part with less armour than the rest of the cheeks and kill the gunner and commander, so he can’t fire back before you can land a second shot.


Thanks for the tip, will try that from here on. I find even side shots I try to take the whole turret crew and more often than it should one of the buggers survive lol. Leopard 2A4 is definitely the top dog at 10.3

Imo there are a couple of stronger vehicles, the moderna is one, and personally I prefer the M1 Abrams, but it definitely is one of the meta vehicles for the BR, has a great lineup too.

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Moderna couldn’t take a single hit at that br, it’s armor is equivalent to the T-72A at 9.3, I find the T-80B so much more user friendly and you are allowed to get away making mistakes because it has better armor, can reverse and also reload slightly quicker. But I do miss the Moderna when multiple light tanks shows up lol


T-80B inherits 7.1s reload from the T-72s. But I agree on all other points, although I have a better K/D in my T-90A than my T-80B even though everybody says it’s a worse tank.

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Your font is messed up because it is between backticks. This is a backtick: `. it is found in the upper left corner of your keyboard.

When you use backticks, text looks like this: Example text

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Hahaha thank you very much, theyre called apostrophe in English and are used for punctuation, funny they do that on the forum. Much love

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I used to have Russian 10.0 and 10.3 lineups, but I have since moved my 10.3 to 10.7 because 9/10 times it’s 10.0 games anyways lol, and 10.0 and up are all capable of beating 11.7 just can’t outbrawl them. But man, I agree the T90A is underrated I skipped over it when grinding out the T90M but I’ve come back since finishing RU and it is an absolute phenom. Seal clubs 10.3s imo

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No. The apostrophe and backtick are 2 different characters. The backtick is the one found at the top left of your keyboard in the same key as that squiggly line thingy.

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Apologies I didn’t mean to come off anyway. You’re talking about the tilda key yes? I use my phone for the forums there is no backtick key just the apostrophe’ but I guess they’re just messed up. I only have the one ’ for example I had to remove the apostrophes from my original post to fix the font

No you didn’t come off badly. It’s fine.

Yes. There is a backtick key somewhere on your phone, not sure where tho.

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`I found it but for some reason the apostrophe is what triggered the bold font😂

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