Leopard 2 AV Thermals

The Leopard 2 AV should have researchable thermals, and not be stuck with only the PzB-200 NV. It currently doesn’t have any thermals. I’m assuming because the very first production batch was released without them due to a shortage of the sights, but it’s not like they weren’t designed to have, and subsequently retrofitted, with thermals. Again, they were designed to have thermals and were fitted with them once enough became available, as was planned. Keeping it without thermals is a massive disadvantage for players, especially at 10.0br where others have up to gen 2 thermals.


its a bit weird to make a thread about that it should get thermals not knowing if it has thermals but ok.

and no it doesnt.


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try reading a few words further, why dont you? I have the tank and I am (assuming) they didnt include them because of the first production batch. If you read the whole thing as opposed to trying to dunk on someone, you wouldn’t look so goofy, mate

Try reading your own text, why dont you?
Im sorry I read it wrong but then dont attack me without any reason, and maybe dont write it so confusing, so I wouldnt read it wrong it in the first place.

Thats how you read your text btw:


The bracket is very confusing, if you wanted the sentence to be like you actually meant it then this would be better: “It currently doesn’t have any thermals, because, Im assuming, the very first production batch was released without them due to a shortage of the sights, …”(as an example, you obv could write it in many ways and this is how you use brackets correctly btw)

And I didnt wanted to dunk on anybody, I genuinely thought you didnt know and I wanted to help, because I own the tank too.

The only person who looks goofy right now is you, mate.

Cool. I love it when people correct others.
Good work, Ueberman.

T-72Bs don’t have thermals at 10.0
Others make come up with other examples, that’s just my example.

Not my fault if you couldn’t finish reading the sentence before you replied. You would understand the context of what was written if you did that. But I’ve now clarified it so people won’t be so confused, since there’s lots of ESL people here.

I did read everything thats why your text was so confusing.

It also would be nice if we could get back on topic. Yes, there are tanks that don’t have thermals, and perhaps they need them, but my post is about the Leopard 2 AV which should have them, as they all received them. Only the first production batch didn’t have them.

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I dont want this to escalate in a heated argument and Im not here to prove anybody wrong. I apologize if I attacked you.

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Yes +1 from me

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Thank you, and I apologize for saying you looked “goofy”

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T-72Bs didn’t get thermals till the 2000s, it appears. The Leopard 2 AV was designed to have thermals from the get-go, and received them when there was enough (after the first production batch).

Designed for thermals =/= got thermals during its testing.
Leopard 2 was put into production, thus no Kikka treatment for 2AV.

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I don’t think the vehicles in the game are only the testing variants. If they were, lots of vehicles would be missing lots of modules, wouldn’t they?

The name Leopard 2 Austere Version kind of implies it was never intended to be furnished with all the equipment of the production Leopard 2, and intentionally had features removed that were not relevant to the tests the US wished to conduct

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2AV if it was the American trial test version wouldn’t have composite armor, however 2AV tested in Germany did have that armor.
So no, nothing is added to the German 2AV that was missing IRL.

Very interesting, though with regards to that, I’m now curious which XM1 is supposed to be in game, as there was the XM1-FSED which was the test variant, and the first batch of production M1s were referred to as XM1s because “The first 110 tanks were low rate initial production (LRIP) models, still called XM1s, because they were built before the tank being type-classified as the M1.” I’m curious because I wonder if the XM1-FSED was fitted with all its battle rattle while testing. And while I’m not sure, it also appears that the M1A1 AIM v.1 was the first variant upgraded/fitted with FLIR, which to me implies that previous variants did not have it, perhaps I’m wrong. Not sure if it matte, but hey, that’s why I’m interested in having this discussion!

the 2AV never had thermals, with the slot where they would be mounted being completely welded over
Compare that to the 2A0 where the thermal slot was blocked, but not welded over as those were actually intended to be retrofitted once the thermals came available.


Interesting! Then I guess that settles that. As consolation, I’d like to be able to turn on the light bulb that’s on the turret :p

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