Leopard 2 AV Thermals

2AV is missing that IR thingy on the turret since it was part of PZB200 low-light TV system
Even first production batch which ended up in Bundeswehr service lacked thermal imaging because it wasn’t ready. It was however installed on second batch and retrofitted to ones built prior
Thermal imager was part of EMES15 FCS

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That isn’t really correct. Leopard 2AV led to the Leopard 2A0 (after being slightly redesigned to address the lacking protection).

While AV indeed stands for Austere Version, that’s in comparison to the original project which called for;

  • CITV
  • RCWS
  • APU

And a few more gadgets. All of them were ereased from the requirements due to costs, hence “AV”. Trials in the US played a secondary role in all of this.


My guy probably bought the 2AV thinking he just got a back up for the 2A4 Panzer battalion.

The 2AV is a worse tank in every convievable way, thermals being one of them.

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haha no, i don’t have the 2A4 Panzer battalion. I knew it didn’t have thermals, but if it was supposed to I just thought it should. that was all

As stated above it was a predecessor to the 2A0, so it’s missing a lot of features of the production tanks.

It’s more of a collectors vehicle then anything.

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The 2A1 would make such a nice 10.0 TT vehicle

Is that a 120mm 2av?

Yep, its PT20/T21
The PT19/T19 had the same FCS and welded over thermal slot, afaik it also got the 120mm later on
The third AV, PT20/T20 used the EMES-13 as on the PT.16/T.14(mod)

So another leopard potentially coming lol

The Leo 2 prototype program was quite extensive. We havent got a single 105mm smoothbore Leo either

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What do you think at what BR those things would sit at if added ?

It is correct that T19, T20 and T21 didn’t receive a thermal imager. However, it is quite likely that one of these was used to test the Common Modules thermal imager and german thermal imager. All 3 turrets were also able to be retrofitted with a thermal sight.

On the topic of Leopard 2 prototypes and thermals, when is the PT16/T14 mod. getting thermals? :D

NZG200/PNZG at the back of the turret, covered by tarp

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Don’t make it go up in BR again XD

Same time the 2K T.11 is also getting its NZG200