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Medium tank
59 tanks

1x 105mm cannon
2x 7.62mm MG3
8x 76mm smoke launchers
NM128 (Simrad LV3) Laser rangefinder (Taken from NM 116)

Eigne: MTU 838 CaM-500, V10 830 Hk
Top speed: 62 km/h
Length: 9.54m
Width: 3.37m
Weight: 42.2 tons
Crew: 4 men

The vehicle has the following modifications that we did not have on our old vehicles that i know about so far: (working on finding better details about this)

  • Night vision Pzb 200
  • Additional armor on the turret Stabilization of the cannon
  • NM128 Simarad laser rangefinder

From 1966 Norway had trialed the Leopard 1 main battle tank (2nd production batch) and finally introduced it in 1971, initially with 78 Leopard 1A1NO (4th production batch). The tanks were already equipped with side skirts and the primary weapon stabilisation system

Leopard was developed on the basis of experiences from World War 2 and experiences gained in the post-war period. The wagon was developed in the late 1950s/early 60s, the first ones then entered German service in 1965 and have since been Germany’s standard tank. It has also undergone a number of upgrades over the years and has now come in yet another new and improved edition. Leopard 1 has been in use in a number of countries around the world, including Australia and Canada. Today, Leopard 1 is on its way out of the installations of quite a few countries, which has meant that a number of new user countries have also come up, there are countries such as Brazil and Chile.

In the years around 1970, Norway bought 78 medium-heavy Leopard 1 tanks

Due to the CFE agreement that Nato has entered into, various countries such as Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium etc, had to significantly reduce the number of tanks. in 1992/1993, however, scrapped earlier models such as the NM166 and others and instead bought cheaper tanks from Germany, which then had to get rid of a number of tanks in order to meet the requirements of the CFE agreement.

92 Leopard 1A1A4’s, of which 33 were upgraded to 1A5NO standard while the 59 tanks recieved modifications of a lower standard, which was then designated the name Leopard 1A1NO.

So in the 1990s Norway had 170 Leopard 1 medium heavy tanks, of which 111 were Leopard 1A5NO Mk.I and 59 of them were Leopard 1A1NO

Around 1992, 92 used Leopard 1 A1A4’s were purchased from Germany, 33 of which were modified to A5 standard. The last 59 wagons were only given a simple modification and preparation at the Trandum technical workshop. The modernization’s were mainly to install laser rangefinders ( NM128 (Simrad LV3) and (these were taken from NM 116). the wagons were designated Leopard 1 A1NO. The Leopard 1 A1NO was replaced by the Leopard 2A4. most of the wagons were chopped, 4 hulls were kept for school wagons, a fully operational wagon and 3 static exhibition wagons went to the FMU (the defense museum)

Over the years, the Norwegian Armed Forces have modified various military vehicles for Norwegian conditions. These have then been named “Norwegian model” (NM), and then assigned a number



Here is an article about the development of laser rangefinders. In Norway, we were the market leader in the 70s and 80s (This is a link leading to a PDF-File, it is written in Norwegian)

As mentioned before these Laser Rangefinders were taken from the old NM116 tanks


Simrad Optronics AS is the holding company of Simrad Optronics Group located in Nøtterøy , Norway. Simrad Optronics Group is a global niche supplier to the defense industry, with production facilities in Norway and Maine ,United States. Daughter companies include Vinghøg AS at Nøtterøy, Norway and Vingtech Corporation in Maine, United States. The company was listed on Oslo Stock Exchange until July 2010. As of July 12, 2010 Rheinmetall AG is the company’s sole shareholder; following a voluntary offer of May 12 to acquire all issued and outstanding shares in the company



Leopard 1A1NO — ImgBB



Leopard Club : In the Field - Norwegian Leopard 1NO (This also show some pictrues)

Simrad Optronics - Wikipedia

Leopard 1 - Wikipedia

Forsvaret anno 2000 - Milforum

Hæren kjøper stridsvogner for 1,5 milliarder (this is from a newspaper)

File:Norwegian leopard 1 front in the snow.jpg - Wikimedia Commons

Norway Leopard 1A1NO seen in image - a photo on Flickriver


Spørsmål om norsk stridsvognhistorie 1984-2000 - Milforum


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For those struggeling to spot the difference, you can see the turret being shaped differently above the gun mantlet, it looks narrowe as well, then the other detail is the large box, wich is the simrad laser rangefinder from the NM116 Tank destroyer

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Great news! i have found pictures, wich verifies the use of the Rubber exhaust deflectors “Rubber wings” on the Leopard 1A1NO!

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