Leopard 1A1A1 is ready to 9.0

Leopard 1A1A1 is ready to 9.0, and it has to face 10.0 tanks, but it still does not have a laser rangefinder, which makes it very difficult for Leopard 1A1A1 to survive in 9.0, hope to add a laser rangefinder to it


Never used a laser rangefinder.
The rangefinder it has is accurate, and most common maps are small.

However, some large maps will often be entered, which will give the Leopard 1A1A1 no advantage, and with the laser rangefinder can better fight some tank weaknesses

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Still didn’t have one in real life, thus cannot be added to the tank in-game.

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The leopard 1A1A1 was not supposed to go to 9.0

premium tanks are not suppose to be overpowered they are simple tanks that help rp and silver lions

Weird how all the tech tree tanks are as powerful or more powerful than the premiums.

premiums are not suppose to be more powerfull they are tanks you buy so you can grind faster to the tank you want or should be playing

However there are some examples like extra weapons on some planes but overall
there is not much difference
the extra RP and silver lions you get from playing a premium tank or plane is the reason
and the fact you dont have to grind at all to open the premium vehicle you can start playing a BR straight away

Leopard A1A1 is not a premium.

As for it going up, most tanks are going up in that BR bracket. The enemies it faces and their BRs relative to it will effectively not be changing.

Its a decompression patch, why do people struggle to understand this so much? If everything is 0.3 higher than effectively nothing changes but the number!

well thats wrong because i started seeing object 279 in what was a british 6.3 tank and other tanks i never seen before
great game just put all the tanks in one match

Thats literally impossible if 6.3 was the highest BR in your lineup.

Give me proof that you aren’t just lying about that