Leopard 1 L/44 insane high crew training cost

Obtain the expert crew have a cost more than 1 Million when another tanks with the same BR are much much lower. For example T-72M1 cost 620,000 or the 520,000 for Kpz 70 and Blegeitpanzer 57.

IIRC all premiums are more expensive to expert the crew on. i’m guessing it has to do with you not having to pay the SL for the vehicle or the modifications. But i get your point, it’s a bit odd.


I know but in this case is insane, for example the expert crew for Leo 2A4 a 10.3 tank is only 830,000.

Expert crew costs are doubled for premiums. Apparently, this is because the cost of adding them to a crew slot is only 10k but it’s kind of silly IMO. Should just be the regular amount.

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Its like that for all premiums.
and as the user above said, its also way cheaper to add them to lineup.

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The whole crew system is a mess… having to buy a tank for a million, then having to buy a crew for half a million, then having an expert crew crew for another million and then you’ll spend 500k more for modules… a single top tier vehicle will set you back 3 million to be competitive and is now stuck in that slot as well.

Not even talking about the XP situation which is also… a mess.

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