Leopard 0 spalling in new update

t-80bvm 4 everyone now exactly what the entire playerbase wanted am i right


I mean yeah. Its better than just the BVM rolling everything. And im 90% sure the BVM had hidden spall liners this entire time based on some recent videos/photos

If everyone has it, thats balance, everyone takes the same time to kill one another

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Leopard is likely going to die the second shot at least whilst the BVM is still going to get a yellow ammo rack or something.

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just adding more bvms is literally the last thing they should have made xd

Not if the BVMs are for everyone! xD

Its just IRL though. Spall liners might be a bit overperforming, and I promise you russian clip on ones arent nearly as good as western integrated liners.

Im sure theyll get toned down a bit

I am going to call a skill issue on it. If i can kill it with an M60 with APDS without any issue, then you should be able to do so too.


If all tanks were modeled with spall liners yes it’d be quite an entertaining shift in balance rather than the one shot CoD gameplay the game has become.

Unfortunately Gaijin is incapable of self control and rather wait until they’ve efficiently researched spall liners for all Rank VII / VIII tanks they decided shiny new update new Russian tank must have spall liners because it’s the first Russian tank to every gain spall liners.

Now we’ve been haphazardly given spall liners for random NATO tanks leaving multiple nation’s top tier MBTs completely outclassed.

That they need to “research” NATO tanks having spall liners when they’ve been standard design since the M60 / Leopard 1 is a perfect example of Gaijin using “realism” as an excuse to make the game unbalanced.

They chose to release the feature half baked. It’s a necessary feature for the health of the game that should have already been implemented long ago. Now that it’s finally here hopefully in 6 months they’ll have managed to properly implement it.


Quite exactly. Fuel tanks were modeled to absorb 100% of spalling for all tanks. There’s a specific nation that uses extremely poorly placed interior fuel tanks which Gaijin happens to turn in to spall liners.

This goes all the way to the T-34s. You’ve been fighting spall liners since fuel tanks were modeled to absorb spall, they’re just never placed haphazardly except for one specific nation.

Spall liners are not a “new” thing to War Thunder. This will eventually balance NATO / Russia win rates.

Yeeeeah youre full of bullshit lol


Nah, they managed to give the challengers spall liners that don’t work

It’s HO…

What are you talking about?
T-90M is the only tank that doesn’t spall for Soviets.
T-80BVM never had a spall liner & still does not have one.

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They do absorb spall IRL, however small ones like on Leopard 2s are simply not enough. The wall between fuel tanks and compartment is what does the job there.

Do you have an actual argument?

Yeee, let’s use insults, instead of arguments. Tends to work.

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To an extent.

Spall liners also absorb spall.

One has been excluded until now.

T-80 BVM was never this bad , leopards right now dominate , huge spacious interior with garbage spall means they are extremely survivable, to the point of being broken

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Yes adding in spall liners to only one vehicle is a problem.

Just like how only one nation’s vehicles benefitting from fuel tanks absorbing spall was a major problem that’s gone unaddressed.


Finally my broken bvm became more balanced.

Honestly its more interesting in cases like the Centurion and Abrams where one would expect the fuel tank to absorb spall, which it does, but then the clever armor designers decided to put armor behind the fuel tank, or thick enough structural steel (17mm on centurion, where the threshold for palling is between 15 and 17mm) at which point it generates a lot of spall

Yes because IRL behind that armor are spall liners.

Possibly, like this is one of the reasons i dont like spall liners being added. It makes for inconsistent gameplay/additions.

Same way the arbitrary spalling cutoff for strctural steel being like 16mm, it makes for inconsistent experience when shooting at people