Leonardo AW149

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Description: The AW149 is an Italian utility helicopter made by the Italian company Leonardo. It made its first flight in 2009 and was adopted by various countries like Italy (with two units), Poland, Egypt, and Thailand. In June 2022, after a long competition between Leonardo, Airbus, and Sikorsky, the Polish army declared the AW149 the winner. An order for 32 units was signed, with deliveries taking place from 2023 to 2029. The Polish army chose the AW149 as a replacement for the old Soviet Mi24, and it will perform various roles such as SAR, anti-tank, and utility missions. The Polish version is not equipped with the frontal radar, and it features the American-made General Electric CT7-2E1. The helicopters will be produced by PZL-Świdnik, a Leonardo fully subsidiary company in Poland. The Polish army received its first two helicopters on October 30, 2023. The AW149 in Polish service will be armed with mainly air-to-ground missiles and rokets to be used against armored targets. In particular, the weapons chosen were the FZ231 and FZ275 unguided and laser-guided rokets, followed by the AGM114K Hellfire II. Those weapons were ordered one year before the delivery of the first two units, in 2022. In the future, those helicopers will be paired up with the AH64E Apache, ordered by the Polish army some year prior.

Why it should be in game: If the devs will add the Italian AW149 to the main line, this one will be a very nice premium, and altought it won’t be armed as the Italian one, it will be a very good option.





Unguided Rokets
28x FZ231
Guided rokets
28x FZ275
Air to Ground Missiles
8x AGM114K Hellfire II
Door Guns
2x Royal ordnances 7.62 mm



Poland signs for AW149 helicopters
AW149 - Elicotteri Militari
AgustaWestland AW149 - Wikipedia
Polish Land Forces take delivery of their first AW149 helicopters - EDR Magazine
GE engine selected to power Polish AW149 fleet





at least something interesting, instead of another clone

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@Il_Signor_Regio Btw I think it was PZL-Świdnik that was awarded the contract for manufacture/supply for Poland.

I wont deny that its a company under the Leonardo brand however its PZL-Świdnik that seems to be the company that the contract was awarded to.
Leonardo: PZL-Świdnik awarded PLN 8.25 billion gross (EUR 1.76 billion) contract for the supply of 32 AW149 multirole helicopters for the Polish Armed Forces.

I mentioned that PZL-Świdnik was awarded of the production of these machine. But off course the agreements and the sale of those helis were awarded to leonardo, since the main company was marketing the helicopter. (And I should remeber You that this is an Italian helicopter made by Leonardo, the owner or PZL-Świdnik, I think that all those “awarding” are just formalities, since they are going to be produced by Leonardo (PZL-Świdnik factory in this case) and not by a separate company)

from what gaijin seems to do, that helicopter would go wherever the polish tree goes. Otherwise there will be people claiming that the challenger 3 and the kf41 lynx should be in the german TT.

Which would be ridiculous because it was still a British company which did all the work. That still doesn’t stop them however…

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The only difference here is that one Italy use aw149 (only two units are in service, but still, more than 0 like the KF41 for germany) and since no Polish sub tt exist it’s only logical place would be Italy

just like the kf41. or very close to it anyway.

Not going to lie it is a pretty nice looking helicopter and as much as I hate going against helicopters I think it would be a nice addition.

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+1 for any potential Polish tech tree or Italy if the first is not possible

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