Leo and Abrams hydraulic systems

So, as I understand there will be or has already been an update to the Leo’s and Abrams that no has a hydraulic system that can be knocked out. So Abrams already have massive breeches and get penned like a hot knife through butter and there’s one more system that will knock out the tank? Same with Leo’s?

But autoloader, perfectly fine and nothing to see here folks! They never stop functioning! Never! Not even if there’s a fire or a round goes right through them!

What is the rational behind this added change, I can’t find anything that talks about it and I’m curious why only these tanks got an update to further possibly hamstring them… without any benefit to the tanks, but autoloaders are fine and dandy and literally never stop functioning.

Can someone clue me in, because I’m a bit lost. Also, I can’t find a post that talks about it to explain it which is why I’m asking.

in the dev stream they said that they are modelling autoloaders and will add some of them in the next update. When the autoloader is broken, the tank will not be able to reload.

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Thaank you very much I appreciate it. I haven’t seen any posts explaining it, just people bitching about it.