Leo 2a7v currently and its Sweedish counterpart

Ive seen some crazy things in War Thunder, highly unbalenced vehicles like the BVM but even that is bearable to a degree. Thus comes the new leopards they are downright disgsuting and right now if your playing USA or any nation against germany or sweeden or russia, just flat out getting my ass handed to me. Today a leo2a7v was on a rock with its entire body in the air i took the shot and it pend the hull and did absolutely nothing he then got off the rock and took my barrel and then i was third partied of course. When i should of had an easy 2 kills never in my time in war thunder have i seen anything like this. I literally shot the leo from underneath tank like a mechanic would be under the chasis of the vehicle. It literally did absolutely nothing. Then within 4 minutes of the match as, my entire team was wiped and i was the last one standing just getting owned by leos in my spawn. Gaijin you have literally created a nightmare at top tier and it isnt russia right now and the only counter is russia and they are normally paired together.

You have created a nightmare in which top tier is not enjoyable but just downright a slaughter fest especially an American main like myself, i am far from the best war thunder player but between you not giving the f15 its proper missles and literally blessing every nation in this game, outside the USA and literally stomping on the USA with some tank called the sepv2 in which you added dinner plates on the side and gave it 5mm of more protection and you want people to grind this?

I have had enough Gaijin, you need to balence top tier and do it soon. You need to give the Abrams its proper Armor and stop crapping on the west as if the American Army the American military! isnt capable of having good armor on its tanks yet its military spends more money then your entire home countrys GDP but apparenty were not capable of having a tank that has more 130mm of armor plating besides on our turrets. As if the west isnt capable of producing the finest materials known to man and the finest technology in the world. Yet you spit on us and once again appease the crying german mains about germany suffers. Please someone tell me what the USA has outside of the its aircraft in war thunder? Thank god gaijin gave USA the f16c for cas and they just nerfed the targeting pod ffs. At the end of the day this company has literally under represented the Abrams and the west and has given tanks like the leo and t80 series a monopoly at top tier.

But hey we got a 5 second reload…why does that matter is the loader dies any time the tank is hit


T-80BVM was never unbalanced. It was in general a rather eh [good-not-great] tank used by good players.
Strv 122A was always more powerful than T-80BVM.


bro, just because the abrams has well known weakspots and the german players FINALLY learn from their mistakes, doesnt mean that america suffers.
in fact, the most powerful CAS is american. and practically american and russian helis dominate the battlefield with standoff weapons


Well, that’s what happens when you add no-spall, baby gamers like that so basically play “meta” or cry 🤷

Brother, challenger 2s are absolutely unplayable right now, it is borderline useless. Britain needs more love, I am sick of firing first and still dying because all retards are just playing meta now


Your kidding, right?
The strv 122A has a worse gun, worse armour, is manually loaded, and the one advantage it had is a minor speed increase over the BVM.

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Stats and testing say otherwise

So German players just figured out how to survive…miraculously right when spall liners and 2a7 arrive? Good to know.

122A has much better turret armor than BVM while also having pretty decent hull armor to go with it.
Their rounds are also pretty comparable.

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A single kontakt 5 brick stops more KE than the UFP

All I’m saying is that 122A has better frontal armor than BVM, always been that way.

But when Gaijin appeases US mains about their jets (9M was literally added cus y’all were shedding tears faster than any waterfall ever could about the R-73), it’s fine and dandy?

You need to give the Abrams its proper Armor and stop crapping on the west as if the American Army the American military!

I wonder what your opinion here will be knowing the Leopard 2A7V ain’t even got its proper armour… (but that of a prototype from 20+ years ago, and Gaijin still managed to make it less armoured than that).

literally blessing every nation in this game, outside the USA

Holy cope.


I have been heavily playing britian lately i personally love it, and yes they are hard to use tanks but i swear i do better in those then my abrams lol i mean literally i have to hide the abrams for it to be effective. How often do you look on the scoreboard and see a m1a2 in 1st place with 8 to 10 kills 0 deaths. It dosent happen dude but the challenger players tend to be very skilled or have good game sense and the depression on the challengers is great for sniping. My issue is gaijin has taken the abrams and turned it into a practical light tank not an mbt. You cant braw with a damn abrams not like any leo or t80…not if you want to survive. I dont want to play a MBT hiding behind a building or a hill. Yes they give us good jets but the rest is pure garbage like look how they do us with the 10g stinger missle when i know for a literal fact the stinger missle pulls 20 to 22g

please click on my profile and under topics you will see something about props to germany top teir. dated quite a few weeks before we had any news of the 2A7V.
german players have learnt how to play top tier ground even without the 2A7V which is reflected in their winrates

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Good one

Stats and testing showcasing Strv 122 being superior:
Strv 122A: M/95 678mm pen at 100meters.
Neutral steer & superior reverse speed.
Average turret protection of 780.
Average hull protection of 600.
Reload: 6.4 seconds non-aced.

T-80BVM: 3BM60 666mm pen at 100 meters.
Slightly faster acceleration for now.
Average turret protection of 380mm.
Average hull protection of 750mm.
Reload: 6.5 seconds.

Strv 122A is better.

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have you looked at the german spall liners? Everything other than the 2A7V gets only half a turret covered with the liner not even both cheeks are covered with it

You’re not factoring in reactive armor in your calc. For bvm protection.

No its not. I play both countries…bvm is way more forgiving in this game.

Lmfao what. The spall liners literally made the best top tier MBT which was 122 even better and straight up unkillable atm. The shots that worked now do nothing as spall liner eats all the damage, and you dont get second chance as the Strv just kills you before you reload again.