Legit question no complaining

I am sure there are other topics and many in the past that have addressed this in a complaining manner. I simply wish to know from the devs and community if this is really what we want in this game.

After playing over the last month, I started noticing that since the latest patch, I was doing well on the SL side of things finally able to make money and pay for all those things I had ignored in the past. Great job on finally making strides in fixing the economy it was very much needed and I know brought a bunch of old timers back to the game.

Then I started to notice that as I was playing above 10.0 it was taking forever and a day to unlock when I wasn’t in one of my premiums not only tanks but modules as well as aircraft. for my T80BVM for example it took me like 4 matches of stock gameplay to get parts and FE, which is better than before but still made me go huh. Then as I progressed unlocking things, I happened to look at the handy new layout showing how much XP I needed to fully spade my tank and kind of got completely demotivated.

All this said I did a little math and took the last 20 matches good or bad, not using premium vehicles, with a premium account, and figured out the math of the average player experience.

Over 20 matches, I consistently earned 5,156 XP per game with an average match time of 10 minutes and 20 seconds. To figure out how long it would take for a casual player, spending 4 hours a day, to unlock, crew, and spade every vehicle while using a premium account (without premium vehicles), I did some number crunching.

Rounded up to whole days.

Leo 2 PSO: 43 days or 171 matches

Black Knight: 34 days or 135 matches

M1A2: 33 days or 134 matches

Pantsir: 42 days or 166 matches

I know that there are players out there who consistently earn more RP per match than I do, and I acknowledge that utilizing premium vehicles, boosters, GE, and various other advantages can reduce the grind. However, for the average after-work gamer like me, the prospect of dedicating every single day for over a month to unlock a single vehicle can be disheartening. It means enduring the repetition of the same maps, dealing with frustrating spawn camps, unreliable teams, the challenges posed by CAS, Drones, Helicopters, and a general sense of annoyance throughout 150 matches just to obtain a single tank hardly seems worth the effort.

The question is whether it’s reasonable for the average player to spend a whole month just to unlock one vehicle, and then repeat this process multiple times for a full lineup. This approach can be discouraging for everyday gamers who can’t dedicate so much time. It also raises concerns about the game’s long-term sustainability and the need for players to spend money to ease the grind.

Finding a balance between making money and providing an enjoyable experience for all players is important. It’s important to ensure that the game remains accessible and fun for everyone. I am sure we can come up with a balance point for the hardcore and casual gamers if we just try and if the devs will listen.

The spading system seems to be designed to force you to spend GE to research things it seems.

RP modules for high tier vehicles are so insanely high, sometimes the RP required is more than a whole new top tier vehicle.

I mean you figured out that Warthunder has a double grind wall and they only improved one of them and left the other in place for the last 10 years which makes the changes irrelevant, doesn’t matter if you have a billion SL if you don’t have the RP to progress.

How about implementing a system where, in addition to the Free RP we earn in every match, players with premium accounts receive a significant portion, say 80% or 90%, of the total RP earned as usable RP for modules or their next vehicle, while the remaining 10% to 20% is granted as free RP? For example, after my last match, I earned 2,559 RP toward my next tank and received 2,844 in Free RP. As it stands, I already have over 33 million Free RP.

Now, considering the exchange rate of 45 RP per GE and assuming each GE costs less than $0.004 at the 25,000 GE rate, it means I’d have to spend over $100,000 USD just to utilize that earned XP. It’s not about buying tangible goods; it’s about investing in digital RP that I’ve worked hard to earn by playing the game. This approach would make much more sense and provide a fairer system for players.