Leclerc S1 and S2 and other variants balancing

How are the leclerc S1 and S2 at the Same BR while having the same technologies in the game (not IRL), the S2 variants has literally NOTHING in the game compared to the S1 this ain’t an upgrade this is literally a downgraded variant because of the increase of the weight.
I don’t get how the S2 is the same as the S1 and so why put it in the game, it literally makes 0 sense, it’s just a total waste of silver lions and RP, whatever you do don’t research it, and at 11.7 having stock HEAT-FS only while evry opponent has it (most of them).
Gaijin needs to adapt to the leclercs variants, some br changes are needed :
How a leclerc S1 is at the same BR as an T90A or a T80BVM or even the LEO2A7.
Some BR decompression is really needed, please gaijin help.
This tank is by no means unusable but it’s frustrating researching a vehicle only for it to be a downgraded variant because of the absence of the upgrades ingame (NBC,Etc…)
Gaijin Pls Help