LAV II Coyote

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LAV II Coyote

The LAV II is the second generation LAV (hence the name) The big changes from the LAV I to the LAV II is that it went from a 6x6 to 8x8 platform. The LAV II is named “Coyote Reconnaissance Vehicle” The vehicle was created to replace Canada’s fleet of LAV I’s.

The base platform for the LAV II was being used by USA since the early 80’s as the LAV 25. In the early 90’s General Motors Diesel Division (now General Dynamics Land Systems Canada) created a improved version of the LAV 25 and in the mid-90’s the LAV II Coyote entered Canadian Military service. Australia also use a version of the LAV 25/LAV II Coyote under the name ASLAV II. LAV II’s have been almost fully replaced by LAV III’s or LAV 6.0’s the only exception is the the Coyote Surveillance variant which is the last variant of the Coyote to be phased out.

This year (2021) it is planned to have all Coyote’s be retired from service and to be replaced by LAV 6.0 LRSS. (Light Armoured Vehicle Reconnaissance Surveillance System) The Coyote had a Variant with a large mast that was equipped with a surveillance system

Variants (Canada’s):

LAV II Coyote Command

LAV II Coyote Mast (surveillance one mentioned before)
LAV II Coyote Remote (remotely used from 200 mentions away and also includes the same surveillance system the Mast variant has)

LAV II Bison (troop transport variant loses its armament for a single 7.62 machine gun)

Fun fact about the Bison it the design process for this variant only took 7 days.

There were also variants of the Bison: 81 Mortar carriers, Ambulances, Repair vehicles, Recovery vehicles, Engineer vehicles and electronic warfare vehicles.

Specs(according to

Crew: 4

Length: 7.57 m
Width: 3.25 m
Height: 2.7 m

On-road speed: 62 km/h
Off-road speed: 40 km/h
On-road range: 650 km
Off-road range: 500 km
Maximum grade: 60%
Side slope: 30%
Ditch cross: 2.5 m

Arctic: No
Add-on armour: Yes (not sure what this package is but if somebody knows please feel free to share, its described on the government website as: “Add-on armour shields against larger projectiles.”)

Amphibious: No

M242 25-mm Bushmaster cannon (same gun as the Bradley)
C6 7.62-mm coaxial, medium machine gun (FN MAG)
C6 7.62-mm flexible, medium machine gun
76-mm multi-barrel grenade dispenser


General Dynamics Land Systems Canada LAV II-25mm Brochure



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Made a quick correction Canadian LAV II Coyote’s are not amphibious, only the dedicated troop transport varieties are.

I plan on suggesting ASLAV variants at some point, but it would make sense to see the Canadian originals added first. In the event of some sort of combined tech tree that involved Canada, Australia and New Zealand, I think it’s fair to say the LAV variants would appear frequently lol.