LAV-AD Why is the aiming of the Hydra rockets so far off?

Gaijin PLEASE do something to fix how we have to aim the Hydra rockets with the Lav-AD.

I already have the pod binded to separate controls separate from the main machine gun. And if it’s binded with the main gun and if it’s binded separately as I have it, we have to aim the targeting reticle way high to hit on target.

With a vehicle as fragile and easily destroyed as the Lav-AD, why are you also making it even more difficult to play by affecting the aiming of the Hydra rockets?

It’s not a point of “rocket velocity makes it drop sooner than bullets etc”, that’s bs here. Because even at very close range, if you put the reticle on target, the rockets always fire low to the ground, in every single case even close distance it always has to be aimed way over the target in order to hit it.

If you look at the Hydra rocket pod, it is perfectly aligned with the main gun right below it. In fact, the rockets are mounted up above the machine gun yet the rockets fire down whereas the main gun fires normal. It makes no sense.

I’m not sure exactly, but I haven’t heard of nor am I aware of any other vehicle which has this problem. And being that I play with Ps4, I have to set up a 2 button combination in order to fire these rockets on this vehicle, so it’s even something else to worry about having to guess where to aim at the same time, often it takes 1 or 2 shots of the rockets to see if I’m hitting close to the target. Of course then usually I’m spotted by an enemy.

Please correct this, it is an issue. This has been mentioned at least since 2023 possibly 2022 or longer. I can’t remember but I may have even made a bug report over a year ago.


It is inconsistent, but it isnt too big of a deal, just flank and rush and don’t try to launch rockets from a far distance.

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It’s also something we should bring out whenever we get caught in such situation below


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Fr, close range with multifire Hydras is great for this

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It’s not the point, the point is there’s no reason it should even be an issue. It should be aligned with the main gun or straight ahead which is where it’s pointed. It’s not pointing down. Yes it is an issue when with this vehicle in heavy action much less any action, you have to be accurate and fast with this vehicle because typically it gets destroyed with little difficulty. So it’s hits on enemies is crucial.

Sure you can say flank and that’s that, which is what I almost always attempt, also while scanning for aircraft to hit with the Stingers. But as we all know right now, it’s often difficult to flank on the maps currently the way Gaijin has changed the maps and made most of them smaller with less flanking areas. But still, that shouldn’t be the point.

Just like any other vehicle and weapon, we should be able to aim on target and hit it, and use the range finder when needed to adjust. We shouldn’t have to hold our barrel up to the sky to land a rocket on the ground 50 yards away. I get what you’re saying but this is an issue when it shouldn’t be, especially when involved in heavy combat.


It is. Rockets have different trajectories than guns because instead of a very strong and quick force propelling it up to speed instantly and being a small shell like the gun, rockets are much heavier and accelerate slower because rocket burns for a second or two. They aren’t guns, they dont shoot the same way

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Acceleration due to gravity is the same for all objects.

I’m also sure the rocket launcher can be aimed independently in real life, and I’m sure it can be zeroed to be aiming, at least approximately, where the gun is pointing.

It honestly feels like an intentional thing to stop people firing the minigun at tanks whilst also trying to kill them with rockets. Wouldn’t put it past this company.

I’ve also never understood how even in thermal vision, you can’t see anything coming from the LAV mini-gun. Seems legit.


I understand that I’m aware, but this isn’t even close to what it should be. As I said, even with up close range, it goes to the ground. Just say 20 to 40 yards it should not drop like this. You still have to aim high. And if it “has” to be this way, then Gaijin should mark a standard distance as a mark, and raise the pod for a default adjustment for the rocket drop. Just say they could go to the test drive range, use the 2nd or 3rd tank and set it up to that distance as the default. So it’s not set as such a drastic drop all the time.

Are you saying that, given the possibility that Gaijin could fix it and make it fire straight and more accurately, you’d rather just leave it like it is and not worry about it? Instead of trying to get them to fix it and at least make that part easier to use this vehicle while the Russians have plenty of good working flanking vehicles? Yeah some vehicles have problems that make them more difficult to use but let’s just leave it instead of just fixing it. Makes sense

Yes and I’ll bet that the BMP-2M doesn’t have this issue, because they always accurately fire the main gun and the rockets at the same time right on target. Wonder why the Lav-AD can’t do that too?


And a bullet will travel further than a rocket by the time both hit the ground at the same angle.

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BMP-2M doesn’t have rockets.

It has missiles I know but still, same point.

Not really. Missiles burn for much longer than rcokets and guide to maintain altitude

What does that have to do with anything? If you fire the LAV minigun at the horizon the rocket launcher will be firing into the ground 10 ft in front of you. It’s a matter of aim/zeroing, not gravity.

FYI if they are travelling different speeds then they won’t impact the ground at the same angle, so you’re wrong on multiple counts.

It feels like an intentional gimp, and knowing GJN that is the most likely case. They probably “believe” zeroing weapons is too complicated for silly Westerners, or they don’t see a way how they could be zeroed so they think it’s impossible.


I mean they’re launched at the same angle.

The rocket launcher and minigun are aligned, but when you look at them firing side on it’s like they’re already falling before they’ve left the end of the launcher.

tank 100m away

They are exploding on a mound of earth about 5m in front of the target.

Velocity of those rockets is 739m/s. Given the rocket needs to accelerate, and timing it by eye it seems to make it in about 0.5s.

Displacement due to gravity from a rest is equal to (1/2) * a * t^2. Using 9.81 for a, we get a vertical displacement of 1.2m, below the point of aim.

If it hadn’t hit the ground, I would guess it would be hitting somewhere around 5m below the point of aim.

Obviously the rockets aren’t traveling max speed out of the launcher, but even if you’re conservative it should still be dropping less than 1.5 metres.

Gaijin physics. Seems about right.

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If you still have issues then download the custom sight that has a seperate crosshair for the rocket pods.

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LAVAD custom sights are based. Its like having a rocket sniper

You can’t download or use custom sights with console, and I play on Ps4.

So now what?

How about just Gaijin fix the dam issue? Why is this such a problem for you guys to admit?

I see, I didn’t know anything about the PS4 platform. As far as I observe the cross-hair working as intended as it’s only for the minigun, the problem is the rocket pods don’t have a separate crosshair for it, and there is no switching between using the minigun and the rocket, both are active like the secondary machineguns on most tanks, which also doesn’t have a separate crosshair.

Here’s the stock M26 T99 which has a separate ruler for the rocket pods, I think Gaijin can add something like this for the PS4 players.

And us PCMR uses this on our LAV lol

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