Would you like to see the LAV-25 TOW in-game?
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Hello, and welcome to the suggestion for the LAV-25 TOW! Not to be confused with the LAV-AT, this is essentially an LAV chassis fitted with a Delco turret that most notably adds two TOW missiles to the sides of the turret. Currently, this turret can be found in the UK’s tech tree on the Desert Warrior. However, I believe this variant would fit in the US tree due to the turret being developed in the US by Delco Systems Operations, and the fact that the US does use the LAV chassis. Unfortunately, there aren’t many pictures of this turret mounted on the LAV chassis, so the gallery section will be omitted. However, feel free to add any pictures, corrections, information, and sources if possible, thank you!

Also, this is indeed the LAV-25 from Battlefield 2, in case you were curious.



An early concept for an LAV-25 turret utilizing TOW missiles.

Entering service with the US Marine Corps in 1983, the LAV-25 was the result of a search for greater mobility for Marine divisions. Originally derived from the Canadian LAV I, itself based on the Swiss Piranha I, the LAV-25 was equipped with a 25 mm M242 cannon in a turret by Delco Systems Operations, a subsidiary of General Motors. As the LAV-25 entered service, Delco engineers began to further improve their design, focusing mostly on its firepower, settling on the TOW missile. Initial drawings would have the LAV-25 use a dual tube launcher mounted to one side of the turret, akin to the Bradley Fighting Vehicle, which by this time had been in service with the US Army for a few years. However, the team eventually settled on a single tube launcher on either side of the turret. Another addition was applique to protect against 14.5 mm machine gun rounds.

The LAV-25 outfitted with Delco’s TOW turret.

By the late 1990s, this turret had been mounted on a variety of platforms, ranging from the LAV-25, an Australian ASLAV, a British Warrior, a Canadian M113, and the Saudi Arabian Al-Fahd. While the TOW add-on option may have increased lethality against heavier armor, most nations opted to stay with the original turret equipped with only the 25 mm M242. Its only real use was for the aforementioned Warrior, mounted on a modified chassis and being sold as the Desert Warrior, it would be sold to Kuwait, who continues to operate around 230 of them. As for the mounting for the LAV chassis, it never really took off, although the US Marine Corps does continue to operate the LAV-25, with its turret still being based off the original Delco design.

An LAV-25 from 2nd Light Armored Reconnaissance Battalion on Onslow Beach, Camp Lejeune, North Carolina, February 11th, 1997.



Crew: 3
Weight: 14.8 t
Length: 6.3 m
Width: 3 m
Height: 2.6 m
Main armament: 1× 25 mm M242 (210 rounds) & 2× TOW missiles (Unknown amount in hull)
Secondary armament: 1× 7.62 mm M240
Engine: Detroit Diesel 300 hp 6V53T
Maximum speed: ~93 km/h




There’s also this picture of the LAV-25, you can tell it’s not the (Australian) ASLAV or the (Canadian) Coyote because of the smoke grenade launchers:


That’s the ASLAV TOW.

Like I literally wrote, you can see by the smoke grenades that it isn’t:



ASLAV pictured with separated smoke grenade launchers that also point upwards, making it recognizable over the LAV-25.

Unless you have other proof that it somehow is an ASLAV, despite the distinct smoke launchers?

this looks so cool.

I think this would be a fantastic addition, as we already have both the turret (Desert Warrior) and the chassis (LAV-AD) in the game. It’s just a question of mating the two! +1

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Source for publishing the photo is this article on ANZAC Steel by Paul Handel, he got it from Shane Abdoo who is an ex Australian Army officer. It’s ASLAV with a test turret on, which is probably why the smoke launchers don’t match the Australian Army ones seen on other vehicles.

The picture quality is a little poor but the camouflage matches other ASLAVs. If you like I can do a more in-depth analysis.


+1 as Event. The LAV is a good service platform and it’s clear testing with the Delco LAV-25 turret took place.



Terribly low quality video (old) but it’s the ASLAV TOW test firing. Also of note, the TOW missile wriggles a little out of the launcher, but nothing as bad as what it currently does in game where it dips down in to the ground for no reason.


What variants of the TOW would this proposed version be capable of using?

any but the radio guided ones, I’d imagine it have a similar load out to other 10.0 systems. 2, 2A, & 2B.

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Primarily the TOW-2s, including the original, 2A, and 2B. Same as the Desert Warrior, as it uses the same turret.

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Yeah definite +1 , would be nice to also have a basic TOWless one as a lower BR option

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American Wheeled Dardo. +1 for me

It be nice if we get LAV-30 TOW as well.

Seems like an amazing premium counterpart to the M3A3

Absolutely, LAV-25 and LAV-25A2 are necessities for TT