Laughable win conditions and unfair map layout

Encounter on South Kvarken was lost after 25 minutes (timeout) just because some guy torpedoed a handful of AI ships (benefiting from unfair map layout, see pictures)?
Completely disregarding the fact that most of their team had disappeared and that in total they were clearly outmatched in kills and damage?

Replay: Gaijin Entertainment - Single Sign On

To make it clear, that player (with 5 AI kills) played well and the intention is absolutely not to discredit that person. But the way it was achieved is laughable. No blame on that player, if anything it’s on Gaijin.

Our AI targets, fairly open, many ships can easily be torpedoed from two of the opponent’s spawn points (right side).

Their AI targets, mostly covered by islands, near impossible to get torpedo hits on any of those ships from spawn or close proximity thereof.

And why does a game have to end so soon if most of the team is still actively playing?
Why not allow players to leave after 25 minutes without penalties and allow the rest to finish the game if willing to do so?

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They should definitely fix the symmetricalness of the layout, but I like that playing the objective decisively gives a win.

Agree that deathmatch only wouldn’t be fun.

As a sidenote, I’m not even sure if the player with 5 AI kills purposely aimed at the AI ships or if it just happened by coincidence because it was the same general direction as a big part of our team.

They do it before nerfing Torpedo’s because ppl cry now you see 10 campers behind islands with Heavy - Light Cruisers + Battleships just camping nerfing planes torpedo and missile is campers heaven not to mention stupid spawns very bad chances covered with SL multiplayer

Its called Naval EC and going on every weekend. 2 hour long battles.

You got Shimakazed. Deal with it.

No, EC is much different in many other aspects.

He didn’t even use a Shimakaze.

Also better.

But battles are limited to 25 minutes so there are no 5 hour long battles of people messing around. Imagine the server load if people were allowed to stay how long they want… Its not that easy bro.