Latest patches causing serious problems

There are some serious issues with the latest patches. For example, selecting one spawn in point, the game sent me to the other spawn in point. Movement: selecting left, the tank went right. Selecting right, the tank went left. Selecting forward, the tank went backwards. In addition, the freezing has been terrible. A few games, my tank froze in place for 15 seconds.


I’d try reseting the controls and be sure that you aren’t double-clicking when selecting your spawn, and spamming clicks when you do go to click spawn.

I will review those suggestions.

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Had some different issues, Dropped 100 FPS with this new ‘Wind Blowing’ Trash.
Had a few friends crash and freeze when loading maps with lots of trees or bushes
Just loving what you all are doing.
Please add RAIN and SNOW! I want everyone to just blue screen.

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LOL true that

The lag in this game has only become worse. Out of the last 20 games. 5 were so laggy, I had to end the connection and reboot the computer. War Thunder is definitely not worth investing any money or gold coins into. Perhaps all the noteworthy YouTube channels may sing their praises as they receive money and freebees from Gaijin, most folks are simply suffering to play this game. Exactly what quality assurance do they perform prior to pushing into production. NONE. Well being Russian what does one expect. I strongly recommend to any player, do not invest true money in this game. Not until they guarantee a better than 50 percent playing time.

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This is a really stupid thing to say…

Well, I don’t get these issues so I see the issue as not being anything but a client issue.

Also ‘lag’ is a connection issue, FPS drops are a video issue.

I highly suspect you use wifi, or share your connection with others who are using things like the youtube and facebook infinite scrolling.

I appreciate the suggestions. This computer has a dedication cable connection. No other apps running while playing the game.

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Someone ingame was mentioning that pingplotter could be something to check out and revise the routes your game is taking to get to the servers themselves, as they found their routing was going off to a far off place and bouncing back due to thier ISP routing it that way.

Really could be something to check because it really isn’t happening to the rest of us, and no doubt you will find people who will tell you that they have this ‘all the time’ they’re not checking anything, they’re just feeding you an excuse.

Also though, really check which server you are playing on, maybe even try the ‘second nearest’ in the list, and see if that improves it maybe.

(What is the actual speed of your connection? Is it ADSL, Fibre?)

Could you advise how to determine and set server connections? I reviewed the various settings, but, did not see such a label. To be fair, I may have passed over it without noticing.

Currently thay’ve removed the selection of one of the server sets (SA) from the list, but under the to battle dropdown, in the bottom left is the server selection.


With regards to telling which server you are on even through the game itself, I just note the ping that the client shows, as I can tell by the variation which one I’m on. Mine is so large I have a pretty good idea of which one I am on. US gives me 200 or 220 ping, stable, EU gives 300, CIS gives 350, and SA usually gives 200-220 with a fluctuation.

This large discrepancy makes a very big difference so I have to avoid playing EU or CIS because of it.

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I am not going to lie. I have had 40 in NA and I can tell when I am squadded with an out of country it goes to 220-440.
That is a pretty recognizable difference.

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