LATAM servers

I think is evident enough LATAM has a big enough audience to earn it’s own server. It’s not rare to us suffer through abysmally high ping, packet loss and and lag due to bad routes to the rest of the world. The vast majority of players in South America plays with 180+MS to 300+MS ping and honestly it’s just horrible. I’m not alone when i that most of the time when we die in game it is because the server didn’t register the hit of the ammo even though we shot 200MS BEFORE the enemies.
Including multiple generations of the Xbox, Playstation and PC we can assume we do have a big enought playerbase to deserve our own servers.


i agree


i agree! We have thousands of Brazilian players in the game, we need a server


I agree we need a Brazilian line too


yes should already be here


We have been asking for a server for our region for years. Latin America is underrepresented, after 10 years Gaijin still ignores us completely.


Even the ugliest Android game has servers in Latin America…
Gaijin thinks that the Yakees and Russians are the only ones on the planet.


Divided players ( highest queue ) plus the game will want lot of new players to pay, kinda hard with the prices wt uses. It is not economically viable (according to gaijin requirements ) also all you that play on NA will continue to play, so why should they ?

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O.o what the hell?

I don’t understand your argument, explain better.

‘South Asia’ used to be also located in ‘Southeast Asia’ Singapure and now is in…Japan - which is in East Asia but its still called South Asia which shows that they think South Asia → anything below Russia.

I have also met a lot of Players from Australia / New Zealand all forced to play with ~300 Ping, Chinese Players also don’t have their own Server anymore.

Basically entire World except for Europe, Russia and North America have to play with high Ping (from what i have seen playing in Korea on SA Server also has high Ping)…

I think best would be to add those Servers like this to cover large populations :

  1. East Asia Server in Korea to cover Korea/Japan and Northwest China
  2. Chinese Server in Xi’an to cover the rest of China
  3. Southeast Asia Server in Singapure to cover Southeast Asia
  4. South Asia Server which actually is in South Asia i.e. India
  5. Australia Server in ~Sydney to cover Australia, New Zealand and the Islands around it
  6. South America in Brazil / Argentina / Chile
  7. Central America Server in El Salvador
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well, games worlds smaller than war thunder that uses centralized servers and are PAID in full price have servers here, and honestly… servers costs pennies in a dollar nowadays (specially the ones of the quality gaijin uses).
But worry not my friend, been talking to some people and they shot me down.
They told me gaijin is just a money making machine and war thunder is their cash cow and they made me realize that if gaijin can take the biggest amount of money and give the bare minimum in return, they will.

If we South Americans had our own server, North Americans would wait longer at each matchmaker. How can we not feel like prostitutes at this point? And we have to read some say we can’t pay our server lol

They use the South American player base as dummies, with 200 ping… There are only 4 Argentine tanks (not a single plane!!!)… Not a single Brazilian tank!!! no Emblems, no decals… nothing!!!

NZ shouldn’t be playing on the SA server as we actually have a better connection to the US/NA.

If they’re choosing SA, they’re actually doing themselves a disservice and getting worse ping and jitter.