Larger spawn area when?

The current state of naval spawns is getting to be kind of a joke. It’s to the point on some maps (looking at you African Gulf) where you are spawning almost literally on top of each other. To make matters worse, you are already in close proximity to the enemy spawn. The enemy team is firing and launching torpedoes within 2 seconds, the friendly team is trying to turn, smoke, and launch torpedoes which leads to many collisions, friendly torpedo hits, and a lot of excess damage from being unable to dodge shots.

On maps like Fiji or Coral Islands where people (and computer players) like to camp in the spawn and fire, you run into many of the same issues with too many ships in too little space.

There are several possible fixes for this amongst which are larger maps, more spread out spawns, or a “ghost” period where friendly ships can pass through each other. Please find a solution for this, as next to the issue we are not allowed to talk about or mention (see locked thread), it’s currently the one causing the most problems.


Yep, I’ve died more than a few times because I could not manuever at the start of a match. Its bad enough that you have games where you are firing at each other within seconds, its another when there is little you can do to fight back properly because someone is hemming you in. The maps are more often than not, big enough to at least double the spawn area with too much effort

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That’s so true! I began recently to let the game choose my spawn point - in the hope, that I wouldnt spawn at the point with the most players. Furthermore there are some maps I press immediately B to stop the ship to avoid collisions - I lost some ships by getting pushed in the way of enemy torpedoes oder being capsized by friendlies. But stopping didn’t have the desired effect in the long run.
So: please Gaijin, include a “ghost” period!

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I invariably take a coastal first spawn on that map now (and seriously consider it on many others too). Makes for a far less awful experience. Even if I’m spading a hard-to-spade top ranked BB and have just activated a huge RP booster, I’d still rather ‘waste’ several minutes of booster than experience the utter ****-show that is the initial bluewater spawn on that map.

Note, just because you can avoid that chaos, Gaijin are not excused their total lack of thought, testing or monitoring of actual in-game experience. Being able to avoid a disaster-spawn is no reason not to fix that disaster, especially when certain vessels have no alternative.

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i know its off topic here , but could someone please help get some attention to the fact EC is not up and its supposed to be UP

There is a thread on this.

well , thats great but there are multiple threads about lots of things that dont get much attention too

Yes, but let’s keep things on topic here please, so as not to derail this one. I would suggest opening a support ticket or posting in this forum for more immediate attention.

or here for general discussion as this is not the first time it’s happened recently

Devs don’t even know naval exists, so never.

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