Naval EC is down

Dont know why but it is , should be Naval EC arcade today but its not up. If anyone can submit an actual bug report on this it would be appreciated because my uh privelages are suspended due to giving them shit about saying this are “not a bug” so i called them out saying well if its not a bug is it a feature then?


Yep we would defo like some answers as to why naval isnt working… cant find anything

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It should be back now.

appreciate it , hey btw can you slip in a suggestion to someone about getting EC everyday and maybe some sort of new map?

Is there any word on the “you are winning and suddenly your ping goes from 50 to 500 and packet loss from 0 to 50% but only when you are winning” and no its not on my end i checked with my IP and i have a 1gb fibre connection. Kinda odd it only happens when you are winning and oddly enough it only seems to happen when players from certain countries are playing.

so , yea its down again whats up with this thats two weeks in a row now?

hey can you push the on button for EC again please

its down again, whats going on ? this is several times now

Its down again mate, could you hit the reset button please? Been 5 and a half hours now…

7 hours now…

Naval EC event not started…

Yeah, as soon as it was about to change to AB, the same thing is going on again. “Event has ended”. Yeah, never started.

Now is up and running

Whats the problem? 😎

Sometime when switching from realistic to simplified mode the sistem hangs

well… what’s happening to Naval EC?
Yesterday started regularly… but realistic instead of simplified.
Now Naval EC totally disappered under events… what’s goin’ on?

They took it down to free up capacity for the dev server.


Thanks, hope will be back soon 👍

Will it be back soon?? 2 days now…

As far as I understand, as soon as the development server is up and running EC events will not be available