Large top tier maps for tanks that arent spaded mmm so much fun

yes gaijin put stock tanks on huge maps with heat fs and without laser range finder, damn the balance in this game is so great

Balance doesn’t exist.
It’s something we’ll have to deal with.

Then when you get apfsds and laser range finder its Advance to the rhine or small poland


I was soo happy when I saw the full Tunisia map yesterday. Finally they made proper maps available for top tier!

or usa. why are those terrible maps even in top tier rotation, oh yeah because gaijin doesnt give a s… and never play the game

Unfortunately I had that map come in only once for me at 10.3.
Meanwhile, CQC-only maps that belong to < 7.0 are a common occurrence.

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Every one of every nation has to go through this there’s nothing balance about it. However, once you spade said top tier tank guess what you’ll never use half the modifications anyways cause you’re in a 0-300m kill zone. Which is why a ton of us veteran players want bigger maps for tanks. Nothing is more aggravating than getting “Advance the Rhine” on top tier tanks period if I wanted that damn map, I’d go back to low tier.

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And when you get a spaded vehicle all you get is abandoned factory, cargo port, Sweden and advance of the rhine. Great game.

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sweden gets sabot ammo from the get go )))

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