Large maps (ARB) more fun and less tedious and simplistic

Hello ladies and gentlemen, a good morning, good afternoon or good evening, I hope everyone is well.
Few changes that, in my opinion, would make matches on large maps more fun and less tedious and simplistic.
Map legend.
1 - On maps with coastline, an aircraft carrier with two escorts for each team, which could be destroyed, which would guarantee a good reward for whoever did so.
2 - Side Mission - An integrated SAM site that would be difficult to destroy, composed of mixed air defense systems, with long, medium and short range missiles and anti-aircraft cannons, and with a good reward for those who dare to attack.
3 - Side Mission - Random spawn of a strategic bomber (B1B/Tu160/Tu-22) that will attack the main base, which could leave it inoperative for a few minutes, or cause damage on the runway and kill whoever is landed.
4 - The Tanker orbiting in the rear to air refuel planes that only need fuel.
And of course the long-delayed introduction of anti-radiation and anti-ship missiles (for planes other than the tornado).
What do you, ladies and gentlemen, think about these ideas


They really need to rework their ground stuff for sure. The “drop a dozen things in one spot” is not good.

Having larger, more defended bases would be interesting. I think they need to have options for all types of cas. Some light, poorly defended stuff for cannons. Some tanks and pill boxs for bombs and heavy cannons. Some well defended units that need stand off munitions. And some naval targets for naval munitions.

For the higher ranks stuff, maybe use cruise missiles. Would be more fun to intercept and a more realistic threat imo

Have you considered making a suggestion? Not a thread that’s meant to be one without the need of waiting?

One more thing this is only for the Top Tier, not the lower Tier. If your gonna design the functionality you need to make it work for all generations.

So, RB EC with tweaks?

I’m not knocking the tweaks, these are all changes that should have come to high tier Sim a long time ago. But a large map like this with a variety of objectives is better served in a longer game with respawns.

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